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My Eyes!

My Eyes! Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen
Gigi appears
Maggie appears
Gigi watches TV :)
Maggie and Ryouko are relaxing
Gigi shows some tricks :)

My Eyes! Screenshots

PC-98 version

The game begins
Introducing Gigi
Talking to Gigi
Close-up on Ryouko
Introducing Maggie, Ryouko's friend
The whale watches TV? :)
Ryouko and Maggie are chatting
An event on the sea
You've reached a bad ending!
New characters appear
Whale violence!
Human violence!
Maggie is consoling the heroine
We look silly, but we'll prevail!..
Ryouko on a dangerous voyage
Uh-oh... I knew that
What to do, what to do?..
One of the few places with navigation
Searching a room

My Eyes! Screenshots

Sharp X68000 version

Getting started
Menu choices
Meet Maggie
I hear Buffy the Vampire Slayer is on