My Spanish Coach Screenshots

User Screenshots

Nintendo DS version

Main title.
In order to start learning, you need to create a player profile.
Each lesson teaches you some new words.
Mini-game tutorial.
Multiple choice mini-game.
Correct answers earn you score, incorrect ones penalty.
Sentence examples with newly learned words.
Touch a gopher that contains the right word in Spanish.
Learning progress.
In-game main menu.
New lessons get unlocked as you master already taught words.
Lesson map.
Practice through mini-games.
Difficulty level affects the amount of score you earn on correct answers.
Options menu.
Reference menu.
Dictionary menu.
List of all the words in the dictionary.
You can practice your pronouncing via microphone.
Searching words in the built-in dictionary.

PSP version

Main Menu
Answer some questions to create a profile.
Your teacher Carmen is introduced.
Mini-game: pick the correct translation.
One of the lessons
Tracking the player's progress.
An overview of the available games
Hit the gopher who provides the correct translation.
The game includes a dictionary.