My Tribe Screenshots (Browser - Facebook)

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Browser version

Loading screen
Main menu
Welcome message
Hmm. This looks like a nice island.
"Sailing, sailing, over the mighty sea..."
"No phone, no lights no motor cars, Not a single luxury."
The first quests are easy.
And the early quests are easy to complete.
Leveling up
Fish is on the menu!
Leveling up a person.
Building a hut.
Starting the mini-game, Vision Quest.
Get ready to point out the differences between the two pictures.
Found a difference.
I won a sundust.
Opened a treasure chest.
Making ripples.
The trophy list.
Starting the mini-game, Berry Blast.
Shoot the berry to make groups of three or more the same color.
Break out the blue-wrapped cigars! It's a boy!
Message from Big Fish Games that they were sunsetting (ending) this game.