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Back of Case - XBox (US):

    Buried lies.

    Sinister truths.

    Piece together a shattered past
    In the next chapter of the greatest adventure saga of all time, travel through environments pulsing with life to unearth a treacherous scheme involving two of Myst®'s most sinister villains.

    Unravel an intricate mystery
    Solve elusive puzzles and uncover secrets left buried since the original Myst. Live-action cutscenes draw you deeper into the labyrinthine plot.

    Bring along a guide
    Take advantage of a multi-layered help system that includes flashbacks of previous Myst episodes and a Zip mode that transports you from place to place.

    Record your discoveries
    Take original photographs of lush environments, and track explorations in your in-game journal.

    Contributed by ryanbus84 (17147) on Jun 27, 2015.

Back of Keep Case - Windows/MAC (Netherlands):


    In dit volgende hoofdstuk van de grootste adventure saga ooit, moet je het mysterie rond een gebroken familie oplossen, waarbij twee van Myst's meest sinistere schurken zijn betrokken. De sleutel tot succes in je zoektocht ligt in het begrijpen van hun karakter.

    Live-action scenes brengen je steeds dieper in het doolhof van intriges.

    Reis door een wereld vol geheimen en ontrafel een ingewikkeld mysterie.

    Communiceer met wezens en mensen die je ontmoet en de levende omgeving die jou omringt.

    Los ongrijpbare puzzels op om een verraderlijk plot te onthullen.

    Je komt nooit vast te zitten....als je ervoor kiest om het multievel helpsysteem te gebruken.

    Betoverende muziek van Jack Wall, inclusief het speciaal voor Myst IV Revelation geschreven nummer "Curtains" van Peter Gabriel.


    Contributed by PolloDiablo (16901) on Apr 28, 2010.

Back of Box - Windows (US):
    "...Myst IV Revelation will be the best-looking and most dynamic game in the series so far."
    - Andrew Park, GameSpot

    Buried lies. Sinister truths.

    "...full of beauty and curiosities - familiar to the franchise's old guard and addictive to the series' new players."
    - Lisa Mason, Game Informer Magazine

    Piece Together a Shattered Past
    In Myst IV Revelation, the next chapter in the greatest adventure saga of all time,
    you'll travel through environments pulsing with life to unearth a treacherous scheme involving
    two of Myst's most sinister villains.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76599) on Mar 26, 2005.

UbiSoft store site:
    Game Features:
    Unravel an intricate mystery...

    Solve elusive puzzles and enlist the help of others as you uncover secrets left buried since the original Myst.

    Adventure through rich and vital worlds...
    Myst's astonishing new visuals will enthrall you with opulent landscapes brimming with life, while tense, live-action cut-scenes draw you deeper into the labyrinthine plot.

    Original song by Peter Gabriel...
    Drift away on an ambient soundtrack composed by Jack Wall and a special contribution by world-renowned artist Peter Gabriel.

    Record your discoveries...
    Capture clues by taking original photographs of Myst's lush environments, and keep track of your explorations in your in-game journal.

    Bring along a guide...
    Take advantage of the optional multilayered help system, including illuminating flashbacks and an intuitive Zip mode that transports you from place to place.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76599) on Oct 03, 2004. - Windows (UK):
    Within the visually awe-inspiring world of Myst®, a gripping family drama will slowly unfold. In Myst IV Revelation, players finally learn the fate of Sirrus and Achenar, two villains first introduced in the original Myst. The brothers have remained trapped in separate prison worlds, abandoned by their father for crimes they had committed. Players are engaged in uncovering the mystery surrounding a little girl's disappearance, daring to venture deep inside the intense worlds of the villainous brothers. Understanding their motives is key to the success of the investigation and will be a true "revelation."


    • Escapist Adventure Escape to discover surreal and riveting Ages of Myst IV Revelation in a quest to save a little girl and uncover the truth.
    • Dramatic Storyline Leads the Way The suspense returns to the forefront of the gameplay experience and answers questions left hanging since both the original Myst® and Myst® III: Exile.
    • Decisions Directly Affect Gameplay and Outcomes Decisions will dramatically affect the various storyline options along the way...including the ending!
    • Mind-Bending Puzzles Understand the twisted minds of the two evil brothers and uncover crucial clues in this captivating story.
    • Photo-Realistic Graphics Compelling and pristine graphics "come to life" through cutting-edge animation programming.
    • Live Action High-quality video with real-life actors is integrated directly into the storyline and gameplay, which only adds to the emotional suspense of the plot.
    • Take Pictures The ability to take pictures and record your findings in a journal will ensure that you don't miss anything along the way. Interact with NPCs
    • Interacting with characters will help reveal secrets from the past that might lead to the truth you seek.
    • Star-Studded Soundtrack Peter Gabriel and Jack Wall provide an engaging, ambient, and immersive soundtrack that dynamically adds to the gameplay experience.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66891) on Oct 03, 2004. - Windows (German):

    Myst IV Revelation knüpft an die ursprüngliche Story von Myst an und erzählt die Geschichte der Brüder Achenar und Sirrus, die ein 10jähriges Mädchen entführen. Ein Drama zeichnet sich ab und Sie benötigen all Ihre Sinne, um das Leben von der kleinen Yeesha zu retten. Myst IV Revelation führt das Erbe von Myst fort und folgt dem Motto Back To The Roots.


    • Puzzles sind innerhalb der Story geschickt eingewoben. Neuartige Puzzles fordern alle Sinne (Tasten, Hören, Sehen, Psychologie, 6. Sinn)
    • ZIP Mode ermöglicht schnelle Reisen in andere Welten. Stimmungsvoller Soundtrack von Peter Gabriel und Jack Wall (Myst III)
    • Leichter Einstige dank ausgeklügeltem Hilfe-System. Interaktion mit None Playable Characters Revolutionäres Live-Video-System

    Ein interessanter Mix auf 2D Hintergründen und 3D Elementen sowie Live Szenen machen Myst IV Revelation zu einem lebendigen Erlebnis.


    Contributed by Xoleras (66891) on Oct 03, 2004.