Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Intro story
Intro flashes of a serial killer
Intro killer preparing building something
Main menu
Game start at Ravenhearst gates
Emma apparition pleading to turn back
Changing objects under bridge
Gate and lighthouse
Inside at the base of the lighthouse
The lighthouse very complex contraption
Mini puzzle to fix the lighthouse
Here lies who?
Charles Dalimar taunts you through TV monitors and has recaptured the freed spirits
Locking them away which you must find the keys
The Blackpool Hospital
Blackpool Hospital hallway to surgery
Blackpool Hospital surgery
The morgue and hidden object scene in distance
Morgue corpses info (toe tags)
Changing objects morgue
Blackpool Hospital room door mini puzzle
Blackpool Hospital maternity ward
Some type of X-Ray machine
Blackpool Hospital delivery room
Charles Dalimar's old house
Charles Dalimar's old house upstairs hallway
Charles Dalimar's mother which you have to take care of by cutting her toe nails, nose hair, and .... yuk!
Charles Dalimar's pantry down stairs
The Asylum where his mother sent him
The Asylum gate house changing objects scene
Inside the the asylum
An asylum patient getting shock therapy
Asylum cells
Emma trapped in Dalimar's house
Charles Dalimar's house now powered by the bodies of dead corpses