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WindowsAdventurespiele (Feb 03, 2009)
"Mystery Case Files 3 – Ravenhearst" ist nicht nur ein Wimmelbild-Spiel mit einer interessanten und spannenden Geschichte. Die Rätsel, die sich hinter den verschlossenen Türen verbergen, sind eine Bereicherung und Herausforderung zugleich. Die einzelnen Spiele der Mystery Case Files Serie können getrennt von einander gespielt werden, da jeder Teil in sich abgeschlossen ist. Ravenhearst ist bisher das interessanteste Spiel der Serie.
WindowsBinary Joy (Feb 12, 2007)
Like the other MCF game I’ve been playing Ravenhearst with my whole family and even my 3 year old son who sits on my lap is helping to find things. It’s a great fun game but make sure that you have a large screen because you’ll all be crowding round it looking at the minute details! I really want to give this game 4.25 stars as it’s better than Huntsville (which got 4 stars), but I can’t be that precise, so I’ll opt for 4.5.
WindowsGameZebo (Apr 07, 2008)
The game is enough of a departure to still seem fresh, but at the same time doesn't stray so far off track as to disassociate itself from the things that made MCF games fun in the first place. And you don't need to know anything about previous MCF games to be able to jump right in and start playing this one.
WindowsHooked Gamers (Mar 04, 2007)
After so much babble, there's not much left to say except that this is the sort of game that makes you want to run and tell friends, which is really what I'm doing right now. Kudos to Big Fish who have taken such a simple idea that hasn't been given proper treatment, and definitely not PC treatment, for a long time, and turning it into a really fun pastime for those of us who enjoy detail-related puzzles. Two thumbs up, although I would like to be reimbursed for the eye laser-surgery which I'm going to need to have once I'm done playing. If you fancy to give these games a try, hop over to Big Fish and check them out.
WindowsGame Over Online (Aug 27, 2007)
All three Mystery Case Files games are available from Big Fish Games’ web site, and I believe some might also be available in retail from Activision. I spent 25 hours playing the three games, and while I wouldn’t really recommend that you play them back-to-back-to-back like I did, if you enjoy casual games, and if the premise sounds intriguing to you, then I’d certainly recommend that you try one out and see how it goes.
MacintoshneXGam (Aug 15, 2014)
Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst ist bis dato der beste Teil der Serie. Sowohl was Gameplay, als auch Story angeht. Für umgerechnet 15 Euro erhaltet ihr einen unterhaltsamen Titel, der insbesondere auf Frauen und Kinder eine große Anziehung ausübt. Wie das gesteigerte Interesse der besseren Hälfte dieses Autors, der schönsten Armenierin, beweist. Nur die Englischkenntnisse sollten gut genug sein - wer sich unsicher ist, lädt am besten die Demo-Version herunter. Diese schwirrt an den bekannten Stellen im Netz frei umher.
WindowsGaming Nexus (Jan 18, 2007)
Mystery Case Files—Ravenhearst is one of those “time killer” games that can be played in those moments between work or play, and often end up swallowing up many more hours than they should. Ravenhearst is the latest in the Mystery Case Files series, a nice bunch of hunt-and-find puzzles with some traditional find-the-piece picture puzzles thrown in for good measure.
WindowsImpulse Gamer (May, 2010)
Even so, with 32 rooms to explore, some fun mini-games and dozens of challenges plus over a thousand items to find, Mystery Caser Files - Ravenhearst will keep you glued to the screen to find more about Emma Ravenhearst and the secrets that this ancient manor holds. Definitely a fun experience for the casual gamer!
WindowsGame Chronicles (Jan 11, 2007)
Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst is a good, solid game for kids who enjoy puzzles. It encourages careful thought, attention to detail and is a good exercise for the imagination. If you have a kid who loves puzzles and mysteries, then Ravenhearst is a good choice.
Nintendo (Feb 20, 2013)
„Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst“ ist wahrscheinlich eines der letzten Spiele für den Nintendo DS und macht seine Sache durchaus nicht schlecht. Ein absolutes Spitzenspiel ist es zwar nicht, doch die gute Mischung aus Wimmelbildern, Rätseln und Puzzeln eingerahmt in einem Zeitrahmen macht es zu einem überlegenswerten Kauf. Da es zudem für knapp 20 Euro zu haben ist, spricht grundsätzlich auch finanziell nichts gegen das Spiel.
Nintendo 3DSNintendo Life (Aug 05, 2013)
Unless you’re a fan of hidden object games, there’s little to be found at Ravenhearst Manor that will draw you in to the genre. Being brutally honest, even if you are a fan of this type of game, this entry in the Mystery Case Files series contains more than its fair share of issues and well-intentioned, yet poorly thought out sections to push it to the top of the genre’s tree. On occasion, the tension of beating the clock to find that last item is enough to convince you that you’re having a whale of a time, but it’s rare.
50 (Aug 16, 2013)
En conclusion, Mystery Case Files : Ravenhearst fait preuve d’originalité sur de nombreux points : le scénario, les casse-têtes, les puzzles, etc. Malheureusement, cette prise de risques n’est pas vraiment payante… Les nombreuses répétitions au sein du gameplay finissent par lasser et la réalisation en dents de scie n'est pas toujours au niveau.