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Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst

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WindowsGame Mile
Surely, a game of this series could not leave you without your favorite hidden object game play. In order to get an inventory item, you will search lots of scenes for scattered objects, and those are of the highest quality you could expect from a Mystery Case Files title. Concerning the visuals and audio - they are beyond any praise! Nothing more to say. I could tell a lot more, but I think you are longing to try this no doubt outstanding game, so go ahead.
Mit "Mystery Case Files 5 – Rückkehr nach Ravenhearst" erwartet dich ein spannendes Casual-Game, das in vielen Teilen einem "großen Adventure" sehr nahe kommt. Wimmelbildelemente werden verwendet, um Inventargegenstände zu finden. Die Story ist zwar einfach, doch die Rätsel dafür teilweise ziemlich knifflig. Die Grafik kann nicht nur mit dem Adventure-Genre mithalten, sondern übertrifft so manches Spiel auf diesem Gebiet und ist sogar mit zahlreichen Animationen ausgestattet. Selbst eine deutsche Sprachausgabe ist vorhanden. "Rückkehr nach Ravenhearst" ist eindeutig nicht nur für Fans der Casual-Games geeignet, sondern wird mit Sicherheit auch Adventurefans begeistern!
Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst really is a spectacular achievement. It's not the first game to blend hidden object and adventure gameplay, but it's certainly one of the most polished and challenging. Hats off to Big Fish Games for somehow managing to make an already stellar franchise even better.
WindowsUSA Today
Minor shortcomings aside, Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst is an excellent sequel that should satisfy both fans of the series and those with a soft spot for the once-popular point-and-click adventure games.
WindowsCommon Sense Media
This fifth chapter in the popular Mystery Case File series, which has sold more than 2.5 million copies to date, includes some of the game-play elements found in its predecessors, yet has made considerable strides when it comes to production values and story, as well as puzzles that harkens back to the classic head-scratchers from a decade ago. Return to Ravenhearst is an excellent point-and-click puzzle/adventure game hybrid complimented by moody and highly detailed graphics, live motion sequences with real actors, and an original classical music soundtrack performed by the Berlin Film Orchestra.
WindowsAdventure Gamers
At the end of the day, which could take anywhere from six to ten hours to reach (depending on how liberally the hints option is used), it’s obvious that Return to Ravenhearst isn’t your typical adventure game. Like a modern day 7th Guest, it offers up a host of familiar puzzles with a splash of hidden object sequences that provides an engaging diversion without being too overbearing. The added exploration, expanded storyline, and improved puzzle integration, meanwhile, adds just enough light adventuring to provide a welcome depth over standard casual fare. Its limited scope and over-reliance on arbitrary challenges do limit its appeal, but for those seeking something a little different, you may just find a visit to Ravenhearst worth a closer look.
Schon die erste Reise nach Ravenhearst Manor war durchaus lohnenswert. Zum kleinen Preis bekommt man eine stimmige Mischung aus Wimmelbildern, Rätseln und Puzzle. Der ganz große Wurf gelingt zwar auch im zweiten Teil nicht, allerdings ist es für knapp 20 Euro durchaus seinen Preis wert. Wer noch ein Spiel für den kleinen Geldbeutel für den nächsten Urlaub sucht, kann gerne zugreifen.
Les concepteurs ont pris quelques risques en modifiant pas mal de choses par rapport au premier opus. Peut-être un peu trop selon certains joueurs. On est ainsi déstabilisé de ne retrouver aucune des salles que l’on connaissait, et la disparition des puzzles n’arrange rien. Néanmoins, les énigmes sont plus nombreuses, la réalisation fait une belle progression et globalement on constate une légère amélioration, ce qui est de bon augure pour le volet suivant.
Nintendo 3DSNintendo Life
At first Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst looks promising. The graphics and sound are atmospheric and the story seems intriguing. Sadly, once you get to play it, it's very hard to enjoy. The controls are cumbersome due to the lack of decent cursor, the hidden object scenes are too cluttered for the small screen, the constant backtracking is tedious and switching between screens takes too long. All in all, Return to Ravenhearst will scare even the most enthusiastic hidden object fan away before the game is finished – and that's not because of the spooky story, either.