Advertising Blurbs

From the back of the Thunder Mountain re-release:
    The homicide detectives of Micropolis are ready to call it quits. Twelve mysterious murders remain unsolved, and all their leads (like the victims) are dead ends. You, the Mystery Master, are their last hope. Challenge your powers of deduction as you sift through each baffling assortment of shady characters, clever deceptions, and false clues. Work alone or with a team of up to three other detectives to solve these mysterious murders and bring the perpetrators to justice.


    • 12 tangled webs of crime and puzzlement that'll keep you guessing
    • A detailed map of Micropolis with all locations marked
    • Complete rules, including tips for successful investigating
    • A game clock that keeps track of how much time each sleuth uses up

    Contributed by Belboz (6580) on Aug 18, 2001.