Mystery P.I.: The London Caper Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Main menu
Tour Bus - objects
Mini game slide puzzle
Fish & Chips - objects
Grand Staircase - objects
Phone Booth - objects
Mini game match 3
Olde Pub - objects
Taxi - objects
Stonehenge - objects
Found a Clue
Level 4 - locations map
Carnaby Street - objects
Docks - objects
Traitor's Gate - objects
London Flats - objects
Subway Tunnel - objects
Mini game tile rotation
Theatre - objects
The Tube - objects
Mini game swap tiles
Big Ben - objects
Courtyard - objects
Royal Teaset - objects
Covent Garden - objects
Info Board - objects - New P.I. Rank Gumshoe
English Cottage - objects
Cambridge - objects

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
First chapter
Big Ben
Tour bus
Blocks puzzle
Level statistics
Second chapter
Fish & Chips shop
Grand staircase
Phone booth