Mystery Trackers: Four Aces (Colector's Edition) Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Opening cinematic
Title and main menu. As this is the demo, they encourage you to buy the full version.
Story cinematic
And so we begin
She tossed a key onto the ground
I need to find the missing piece so I can do this puzzle.
All pieces found. Time to solve this puzzle.
All the pieces are in, now I just need to push the correct gems and in the correct order.
Now the gate house is a hidden object area
Searching the gate house
I found a blowtorch.
I have now gotten inside.
Bad birdie!
I've gotten the fountain going and now it is a hidden object area.
Searching the fountain
I found a lever.
Out on the street. There is a snake-like creature I can collect on the left on the lamppost.
Working on the puzzle on the fire station door
In the fire station
I picked up a creature called an arachmonk. It is a cross between an arachnid and a chipmunk.

Windows version

Title and main menu
Bonus content menu