Mysteryville 2 Screenshots

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Windows version

Loading screen
Main menu
Dong Li encouraging you.
City map at the start
Conversations are carried out using speech bubbles.
You don't choose the responses, it's not a gameplay element.
Game start - find the 3 objects on the left.
Found the violin, which flies across the room in celebration.
Too slow
Done it now - note the rippling visual effect.
You can't get the staff these days.
So you must find every key.
Laura notes the situation she is in.
As a twist, this level has you only able to see part of the screen.
Using the 'tip' to reveal the plant.
Look out! He's got a nug!
Dong Li greets me.
Spot the differences.
Obviously the protagonist is a looker.
A slight twist here, as you only see the object names.
Unscramble the picture.
Correctly-placed pieces glow; I'm one move away.
If they're from this unhygienic place, she must be REALLY confident.
Onto stage 4
The priest, new in from Hungary
Find all the gems.
Time is short and life is cruel, in a town called Chalice.
Nothing too stereotypical here....
Find the white shirts.
Now the suits
Why do detectives always get stuck on making tea?