Mysteryville Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Title (windowed)
Player name
Main menu
Options - default windowed switching to fullscreen
Town map - Bar
Bar maid
Bar - objects
Bar - stats complete
Fortune tellers house
Fortune tellers house - objects
Dong Li shop
Dong Li
Dong Li shop - picture compare
Laboratory - Dr. Steinbock
Laboratory - objects

Windows version

Title Screen/Load Screen
Main Menu
The town of Mysteryville.
There's character bio's for everyone you meet. The bio's will change as you learn more about the person.
This is how you're set up into the actual game play. You'll talk to a character...
Then they'll ask you to help them with a chore...
Then you scour the background trying to find what they ask for.
Another type of game is the typical find-the-things-on-a-list game.
One of the most interesting is the flashlight searches where you'll get a silhouette of an object and then you have to try to find it.
Getting into the spli-screen comparacent involves you experimenting with meditation and/or drugs. Here you are going into a trance.
Now you get to find what's missing or added.