Mystic Defender Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Let's go.
Two baddies to kill.
Destroy it.
Up in the tree.
A boss to destroy.
Another boss.

Genesis version

The story in the introduction
An animation of the main character
Story (Japanese release)
Introduction (Japanese release)
Title Screen (US release)
Main Menu (Japanese release)
Get to the castle to rescue Alexandra.
The first level is set in the woods.
These enemies take a few shots to kill.
These blue pick ups replenish your health.
This snake spits at you so jumping is the best form of defense.
You need to take the fight into the trees with this boss.
The fire attack takes longer to charge up.
The second level is at a disused boatyard.
These weird heads can move quite quickly.
Boss of level 2
The Giger level