Mystika 2: The Sanctuary Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The opening story
Enter your name and select timed or relaxed (untimed)
Alrik the Mage greets you.
Title screen and main menu
This is what the sanctuary looks like. Start playing to earn gold to do repairs.
The first level is a hidden object level.
Level complete
The first thing you can buy is an upgrade to the manor.
VoilĂ ! The manor is upgraded.
The first match-three level
When you match five items, you can get a bomb.
I used the bomb
The match-three level is complete.
The level stats
Match four items and you get this bottle (top left). It explodes but not as big as the bomb.
The lightning (upper left) will remove all of the type of item it is swapped with.
ZAP! I'm removing all the green bottles.
We have steel plates on some tiles. The fireworks will remove a gold tile or steel plate in its direction of travel.
I earned a trophy
A wizard's challenge. Clear all gold tiles in 35 moves. I can skip the level, if I want.
I earned another trophy
The high scores and trophies
This level has frozen items.
I expanded the manor and got another trophy.
This level has chained, frozen and boarded items.
Another wizard challenge. I must make matches next to the dirt to clear it. I am looking for 4 golden statuettes.
I found a statuette.
Another hidden object level.
Another challenge. Swap pieces to clear them all.
I left one piece.
Another hidden object level
The sanctuary is coming along fine.