N2O Nitrous Oxide

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Computer generated acid trip. PlayStation jimmy Sky (17)

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PlayStation 4 3.5
PlayStation 3 1 4.0
PSP 1 4.0
PS Vita 1 4.0
Combined User Score 7 3.7

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This game is extremely fun. The two player games make it enjoyable for you and your buddies. What makes this game so good is the uniqueness of it from what is out there on the et. This is a very simple game to understand. Most anyone can just pick up a controller and blow away some bugs. N20 will keep you and your friends entertained for hours on end.
PlayStationGamePro (US)
In the end, N20 is definitely worth the price of admission and is a great shooter for your library.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
What can I say, I love this game. Pick it up, and within 30 seconds you're madly blasting at the screen without a though for your own personal safety, your thumbs or your sanity. And it supports the Dual Shock! The graphics and music in N²O definitely help in making it a winner and the gameplay, while pretty shallow, is easy to pick up and a real blast to play. The 2 player game adds a little extra depth, but not enough to effect your decision to buy or not. For fans of shooters this is your dream come true, for the rest of you, then stay away from my house because my face is firmly planted in front of the TV playing N²O, for a little while anyway.
PlayStationGame Revolution
If I were ever going to host a rave, I would also set up a huge screen and have people play Nitrous Oxide (Fox's latest game for the PlayStation) all night long. The game is a vivid array of colors and sounds that can be both invigorating and hypnotizing at the same time. Basically, it's the gaming equivalent of an acid/nitrous trip.
With nods to Tempest, Stun Runner, and Nanotek Warrior, N2O brings contemporary music (The Crystal Method) and a fast, fluid, hallucinogenic graphics display to the basic shooter formula, and succeeds wildly.
PlayStationSuper Play
Det här spelet är i grunden bra. Det är kanske inte världens allra bästa shoot 'em up, men det känns ganska fräscht och jag hade faktiskt roligt när jag spelade det. Ända tills jag började att må illa. Jag vet inte vad produktionsdesignern på Gremlin tänker med, för N20 är så löjligt påpälsat med flashiga effekter och överdrivna färger att jag blir riktigt sur. Dessutom har man försökt att apa efter Wipeout med hjälp av Crystal Methods syntetiska dunk och logotyper som starkt påminner om Designers Republics alster. Värst av allt är att dessa desperata åtgärder inte alls var nödvändiga, eftersom både spelidén och känslan är bra i sig. Någon på Gremlin har försökt att vara ball, men det enda den eller de personerna lyckades med var att försämra spelkänslan. Som det är nu blir jag mest illamående av att spela N20, och så hade det faktiskt inte behövt vara.
In the end, this game may not have the staying power to keep you playing. Like I said, after the first 10 levels or so, I found my thoughts drifting to something else. This game is fast paced and full of action and if you really enjoy shooters, you may like it a bit more than I did. Actually, I didn't not like the game, I just really was not able to get completely into it. I think the complex scoring rules and everything were a good idea but like I said, you really won't have much of an opportunity to take advantage of it because things just happen so damn fast. Overall, I suggest a weekend rental to see if the game is right for you.
PlayStationMega Fun
N2O ist sowohl optisch durch die zahlreichen nahezu psychedelisch anmutenden Transparenzeffekte als auch akkustisch gut in Szene gesetzt worden. Indem der Spieler vor die Wahl gestellt wird, sein Punktekonto für den Kauf einer flächendeckenden Extra-Waffe zu verwenden, oder lieber die High Score-Liste zu erobern, erhält der ansonsten sehr gradlinig gestaltete Shooter zudem eine taktische Note. was ich sehr lobenswerte Idee finde. Das Spielgeschehen wir aber leider sehr schnell hektisch und unübersichtlich. Die nicht sonderlich intelligent agierenden Gegnerformationen wiederum langweilen nach einer gewissen Zeit. Enttäuschend sind ferner die vermeintlichen Endgegner, da sie sich aus bereits bekannten Insekten-Typen rekrutieren, die lediglich ein bißchen mehr einstecken können.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
While the 3D renditions of the bugs are fairly poor and sound effects are almost non-existent, it is the fun gameplay and soundtrack that makes the game worthwhile. It harkens back to a time when there was no such thing as full-motion video or polygon graphics. A game had to grab you in other ways. So, while N2O: Nitrous Oxide is a product of 1998, its heart is unmistakably in the '80s.
Un shoot-them-up en 3D, dynamique et plein de couleurs qui pourra séduire le joueur au cours des premières parties, mais aussi le lasser rapidement.
PlayStationPower Unlimited
Dat mooi graphics en een koele soundtrack geen alternatief zijn voor een goed concept en geode gameplay is maar weer eens bewezen door deze middelmatige shoot'em up. Ik denk dat N2O dan ook voornamelijk geschikt is als displaygame in etalages of voor verkopers die graag willen demonstreren wat er allemaal mogelijk is op een PlayStation.
N2O is a shooter in the same vein as Tempest and Nanotek Warrior. You pick from one of five ships, each of which has different turning and braking speeds, and shoot a bunch of eggs and bugs that travel through a large tube. While the graphics are decent, the only thing N2O truly has going for it is the soundtrack.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic
N2O is easy to follow at first, but soon the action gets out of hand and you can't tell what's going on. Then again, if you're wasted out of your mind you probably won't even notice. Shooter fans might take an interest in this, but there's really not much substance here, legal or otherwise.