All-Star Baseball 2000 Credits


Game DesignDerek Jeter, Jaime R. Grieves, Bey Bickerton, Scott Shelton
Play‑by‑Play CommentatorJohn Sterling
Color CommentaryMichael Kay
"Open Up"Leftfield [Original Song], John Lydon (Original Song & Writer), Neil John Barnes (Writer), Paul Terence Daley (Writer)
Project ManagerJaime R. Grieves
Lead ProgrammerDavid Crummack
Lead ArtistMichael Taylor
Lead ATG ArtistMarc Mackin
Game ProgrammerEd Groover
Front‑End ProgrammerKevin Saffel
Sound ProgrammerBryce Maryott
ArtistsTom Green, Sharon Taylor
ATG ArtistDon Hogan
Gameplay GuruBey Bickerton
Quagmire EngineD. Michael Traub, Andy Thyssen, Tomas Arce
Additional Gameplay ProgrammerFrancisco Javier Lafuente
Tools ProgrammerNathan Daughety
N64 Technical AdvisorBrian Watson
Audio ManagerMarc Schaefgen
'Open Up' RemixDarren Mitchell
Audio EffectsRandy Buck
QA ManagerTodd Dowd
Game AnalystsJason Behr, Russ Brewer, Tom Gerber, Justin Withers
Executive Vice-President (Acclaim Studios)Darrin Stubbington
VP & General Manager (Iguana Entertainment)Russell Byrd
VP, Product Development & Design (Acclaim Studios)Nigel Cook
VP, Technology (Acclaim Studios)Craig Galley
VP, Digital Productions (Acclaim Studios)Cyrus Lum
Executive Audio Director (Acclaim Studios)Rick Fox
PR CoordinatorKirk Winterrowd
Special ThanksKevin Normann, Andy Thyssen, Jason Gawronek, Steve Hird, D. Michael Traub, Stephen Broumley, Al Artus, Christine Brunelle, Heather Leonard, Keith Fox (Mobb Studios), Mike Konderla, Bill Eady, Jay McCarty (Coach), Andrew Prater, Todd Naff, Mamon Tucker, Rodney Pedraza, Paul MacDougall, Kyle Rhodes, Will Pyke, John Pyke


ProducerPeter Wanat
Associate ProducerJames Daly
QA ManagerCarol Caracciolo
QA SupervisorsJeff Rosa, Dale Taylor
QA Senior Lead AnalystsJames Craddock, Mike Patterson
QA Lead AnalystsEric Hendrickson, Brian Regan
QA Project LeadsMark Garone, Rich Gomer
Game AnalystMark Garone
Senior Lead TestersJoe Greene, Paul DiCarlo
Game TestersPharoah Sample, Dan Kuby, Mike Sterzel, Raymond Yeomans, Christopher Knowles, Mike Brophy, Bobby McCarthy
Technical Support ManagerHarry Reimer
Technical Support SupervisorsKevin Denehy, Andrew Fullaytor
Senior Technical SupportDavid Pollick, Leigh Busch
Turnover CoordinatorChristopher Maher
Compatibility TestingJohn Zigmont
Network ServicesMike DeLieto, Andy Skalka, Brian Donohue
Technical SupportAndy Basile, Ulises Batalla, Christopher Coppola, Chris Frisone, Brian Lauther, Chris Zino
Director of Corporate CommunicationsRobert Picunko
Director of Public RelationsMichael Meyers
Director of Product DevelopmentBrett Gow
Product Manager (Acclaim Sports Marketing)Michael Jerchower
Associate Product Manager (Acclaim Sports Marketing)Thomas Bass
Marketing Coordinator (Acclaim Sports Marketing)Rich LaRocca
Marketing Assistant (Acclaim Sports Marketing)Brian Sheilds
Motion Capture ManagerAndy Acquilino
Studio CoordinatorSharon Dougherty
Motion Capture ProcessorsRichard Nelson, Hajime Okata, Scott Douglas, Danielle Papsidero, Cynthia D'Ambrosio, Robert Coffey, Bobby Bala
Stunt CoordinatorJeffrey Gibson
Game ManualBill Dickson
Game CounselorsJason Brown, Danny Decarolis, Brennen Vega
Special ThanksMocap Talent, Ben Petrick, Link Jarrett, Brad Schlachter (MLB), Aimee Sorrin (MLB), Jacquelyn Walsh (MLB), Evan Kaplan (MLBPA), Richard White (MLBPA), Derek Jeter, John Sterling, Michael Kay, Casey Close, Craig Fenech, Steve Lefkowitz
Special Thanks ‑ PDDouglas Yellin, Shawn David Rosen, Howard Perlman, Michael Archer

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65883)