Asteroids Hyper 64 Credits (Nintendo 64)

Asteroids Hyper 64 Nintendo 64 Title screen.


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Asteroids Hyper 64 Credits

Asteroids Hyper 64

Published byCrave Entertainment Inc.
Executive ProducerMichael Arkin
Associate ProducerChris Scaglione
Developed bySyrox Developments Ltd.
Lead ProgrammerAlex Darby
Additional ProgrammingMark Gordon, Steve Pearce
DesignSteve Pearce, Alex Darby
Lead ArtistDavid Bland
Original Lead ArtistMark Knowles
Original ArtistsJon Green, Steven Green
N64 ArtworkDavid Bland
BackgroundsSteven Green
White Dwarf EditorAlex Darby
Lead Level DesignDerek Poon
MusicRockett Music
Crave QA ManagerMichael Schneider
TestersRon Talay, Jeff Nachbaur, John Kellogg, Daniel Echeverria, Dan Chaffey, Brett Bigley, Richard Robledo, Jeff McLean
Crave Marketing Product ManagerCory Hudson Jones
Marketing Services ManagerSheri Furumi Snow
Senior Public Relations ManagerLisa Fleury
Creative Services Mgr.Ryan Villiers-Furze
Creative AssistantEthan Malykont
Special ThanksMark Gordon, Dan Leslie, Dominic Wood, Timothy McGrath, Mark Burke, Holly Newman, Philippe Erwin, NOA Technical Support Team

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (124517) and Evil Ryu (65856)