Historical connections

In the Iliad by Homer, which tells of the Trojan War, there was a princess of Troy named Cassandra, who was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecubah. The god Apollo gave her the gift of prophesy, but because she turned down his romantic advances, he then cursed her so that no one would ever listen to her prophesies, even though they would have saved many lives and were always correct.

The evil nemesis Cassandra in the game is a similar figure of mystic power, in this case a charismatic cult leader with many fanatical followers, who by the time of the second game has achieved total domination over all of Europe. One might even say that this too is significant because Greece is part of Europe -- and it should also be remembered that at the end of the first BattleTanx game, she was resuscitated from near-death by a cult member who committed suicide in order to somehow give Cassandra his life force.

Indeed, one might even interpret the protagonist Battle Lord Griffin Spade and his wife Madison as figures similar to King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, while interpreting Cassandra as similar to Arthur's evil sister, Morgan LeFay. This would especially make sense because Cassandra is like Morgan in her enormous sensual beauty, magnetic and seductive personality, and her access to something like Satanic magic.

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