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Bio FREAKS (Nintendo 64)

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Bio FREAKS Credits

Midway Design Team

Game DesignerDavid L. Simon
Lead ArtistDavid L. Simon
Project LeaderDavid L. Simon
Lead ProgrammerDave A. Wagner
Software Effects WizardTerry Bertram
Senior ArtistEmmanuel Valdez
AnimatorEmmanuel Valdez, Michael Cuevas, Franz Borowitz
ArtistAlesia Howard, Michael Cuevas, Franz Borowitz
Texture GoddessAlesia Howard
MusicAubrey Hodges
Sound EffectsAubrey Hodges
Software Development ManagerBrian Johnson

Midway Home Entertainment Team

ProducerMichael Gottlieb
Associate ProducerCurtis R. Cherrington
Assistant ProducerAndy Kaffka
Technical DirectorScott Maxwell, David Schwartz
Testing ManagerRobert Sablan
Lead TesterEd Duran
TestersBrian Atangan, Nico Bihary, Gilbert Duenas, Chad Haley, Ian McCauley, Toan Ngo, Kevin Wang
Print Design & ProductionDebra Austin, Jon Mongelluzzo, Shawn Murphy, Erin Shems, Dave Young
Special ThanksDeborah K. Fulton

Saffire Corporation

Lead ProgrammerSteven H. Taylor
ProgrammersTyler Colbert, Randy Platt, Del Campbell
Additional ProgrammingJ. Kenworthy Nelson
Technical AdvisorMatt Fairweather
Lead ArtistWalter Dark
ArtistsRyan Wood, Mike May
Project ManagerSandy Rushton
Assistant Project ManagerSteven H. Taylor
Test ManagerCindi Adamson
TestersAlex Rushton, Brian Rushton, Jeremy Throckmorton
Additional SupportLane Kiriyama, Hal Rushton, Lynn Loughmiller, Les Pardew, Matt Day, Zarko Bizaca
Special ThanksGary W. Lindquist, Jennifer Taylor, Tiffany Colbert, Stacy Platt, Melanie Wood, Brenda Dark, Heather Campbell, Ken Knoble, Amy Mertlich, Jason Richards, Adam Toman, Todd Harris

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Credits for this game were contributed by Xoleras (66218)