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Back of Box - N64 (UK):
    2016 AD Earth is dead. Mankind annihilated. Hunted to extinction by a century of alien attacks. One last, desperate chance remains. Someone must travel back in time and attack the alien predators before they complete their hideous invasion.

    Adam Drake, a genetically enhanced marine, is chosen to make the trip into the far reaches of Earth's history. His goal - stop the alien Body Harvest.

    Five vast levels of action packed adventure, spanning more than a century: Greece 1916, Java 1941, America 1966, Siberia 1991 and Alien Comet 2016.

    • FIGHT 70 different types of alien
    • CONTROL more than 60 vehicles
    • SEARCH hundreds of buildings
    • QUESTION hundreds of characters

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4675) on May 30, 2007.
    Blast alien bugs and take a 1920's buggy on a joy ride in Body Harvest, a genre-splitting title from Midway. This game offers an abundance of the elusive quality which many games lack: originality.

    In this time-warping Pak, an alien species of bug-like invaders have come to Earth. They don't want to take over the planet. They don't want to speak to our leader. They simply want to feed on our flesh in an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord. In fact, the aliens actually introduced humans to the planet Earth, intending to raise us like cattle. The alien bugs warp between different time periods and it is up to you, a genetically enhanced soldier named Adam Drake, to put a stop to the fast food binging.

    Body Harvest focuses heavily on action, because the bugs don't have the mental capacity to spar with words. You have to shoot or run over them. The alien insects are big, they're mean, and they're organized. Specific duties are assigned to each different type of soldier. Flying aliens scout the landscape for human settlements and radio the ground patrols when they find a potential meal. There are three different types of baddies which work on the ground: battering bugs to knock down houses, bloodthirsty drones, and quivering gelatinous molds to harvest the helpless humans.

    The gameplay uses a third person over-the-shoulder camera position. Drake cannot walk and fire his gun at the same time, but a cross-hair appears on the screen when you are ready to fire. This gives the game an arcade-like shoot 'em up feel.

    Between action sequences, the game feels more like an RPG-style adventure. There are five massive worlds to explore, each covering 1,000 virtual square miles. Scattered throughout these worlds are towns and villages, filled with people to talk to and items to collect. The game requires you to solve puzzles along the way, which requires speaking to different people to gather information and clues. For example, in the first area, you have to find TNT to destroy a boulder that is blocking a path. You also have to find a fire truck to extinguish a blaze that the aliens started in an unprepared town.

    Even though the worlds are monstrous, the game play progresses in a linear manner. You cannot progress in the game unless specific tasks are completed, and you have a trusty friend who is forever willing to remind you of your current objective.

    To add another twist to the game's unusual content, the developers have included more than 60 vehicles for you to control. As you travel between time periods, you will encounter different types of machinery. Driving these vehicles can dramatically alter the gameplay, as when you get in the cockpit of a WWI biplane. Whether you hop in a car or on a motorcycle, the vehicle absorbs all of the damage that you would normally take. Eventually, though, even the hardiest tank will go ka-boom, leaving you a pedestrian target. It can be tricky to aim while driving, but the extra armor the vehicles provide makes them worthwhile.

    Hit detection can be spotty, but you don't run any real risk unless you're trying to jump into a vehicle or enter a building. Faulty polygon clipping means you're often staring through a building. However, Body Harvest's huge environments and unique gameplay more than make up for any visual shortcomings. Eat a bug, baby!

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65883) on Aug 15, 2005.

Back Cover - N64 (US):

    THE TIME: 2016 AD



    Earth is dead. Mankind annihilated. Hunted to extinction by a century of alien attacks. One last, desperate chance remains - CHANGE HISTORY. Someone must travel back in time and attack the alien predators before they complete their hideous invasion. Genetically enhanced marine, Adam Drake, must make the trip into the far reaches of Earth's history. His goal - stop the alien Body Harvest...

    Travel with Adam Drake through five INCREDIBLE levels of ACTION PACKED adventure, spanning more than a century of Earth history: 1916 Greece, 1941 Java, 1966 America, 1991 Siberia, 2016 Alien Comet

    FIGHT 70 different types of aliens, QUESTION hundreds of characters, CONTROL more than 60 vehicles, SEARCH hundreds of buildings in your quest to save humanity.


    Game Pro Magazine

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4675) on Jun 02, 2004.

Press Release:
    Midway’s Body Harvest® Invades Stores Nationwide Game Hailed as "Sleeper Hit of the Year" Now Available for Nintendo®

    Corsicana, TX, October 21, 1998 – Midway Home Entertainment, the leading third party publisher of Nintendo 64 titles, today announced that its industry lauded video game Body Harvest is shipping to retail outlets nationwide. Exclusively available for the Nintendo 64® game system, this genre-bending 3D game combines heart pounding shoot ‘em up action with intriguing role-playing elements in an expansive virtual world that will both entertain and amaze gamers for hours on end.

    "The unique blend of action, adventure and role-playing elements makes Body Harvest one of the most exciting and original video games to be released on the Nintendo 64," said Paula Cook, Director of Marketing at Midway Home Entertainment. "We are excited to deliver a title with such depth to Nintendo 64 gamers across the country."

    In Body Harvest, the human race has been harvested to near extinction by a race of monstrous alien insects after more than a century. A small group of scientists has survived and is working on a desperate plan to build a time machine to transport a two-man crew back into the Earth’s past. Adam Drake has been chosen for this critical assignment that will hopefully change the course of history.

    Players take on the role of hero, Adam Drake, and their mission is to destroy the onslaught of alien insects before the human race is completely eliminated. With over 64 vehicles at their disposal, they must blast their way through 1916 Greece, 1941 Java, 1966 America and 1991 Siberia in order to save humanity. This will not be an easy task. The revolutionary game spans over 1,000 virtual miles and features fifty different types of alien predators along the way.

    Developed by DMA Design – the Scottish division of Gremlin Interactive – Body Harvest has already won raves from the press. says "with its colorful 3D graphics and a dynamic, always-changing soundtrack, Body Harvest manages to be one of the most interesting and original games to appear on the N64 yet." Game Pro hailed Body Harvest as a "showstopper" at E3; the industry’s largest trade show. Next Generation Online adds that "Body Harvest could be one of the best Nintendo 64 games on the horizon," and the unofficial Nintendo Web site, Nintendojo predicts that it will be the "sleeper hit of the year."

    Established in 1985, Gremlin Interactive Sheffield England is one of Europe’s leading publishers and largest development houses for computer game software. Gremlin Interactive is part of the Gremlin Group PLC, a fully listed company on the London Stock Exchange. Gremlin Group PLC is also composed of Gremlin Studios of Dewsbury, England and DMA Design of Dundee, Scotland and Gremlin Interactive Australia of Melbourne.

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    Contributed by skl (1142) on Feb 18, 2004.