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Carmageddon (Nintendo 64)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Carmageddon Credits

Working for Interplay

VP of DevelopmentTrish Wright
ProducerShawn Jacoby
Director of QAJeremy S. Barnes
QA ManagerMichael Motoda
QA Project SupervisorRobert Lark
TestersSavina Greene, Rodney Smith, Sean Johnson, Henry C. Lee

For Software Creations

Lead ProgrammerSteven J. Batiste
Lead ArtistSteve Watson
Senior ProgrammerAllan Findlay
Physics EngineSimon Embley, Nick Watson, Andy Onions
Frontend ProgrammerMike Halsall
Frontend Concept & ArtMike Bareham
ArtworkMike Bareham, Neil Crosbourne, Dave Fish, Nick Kehoe-Gardner, Francis O'Brien, David Price, Christian Simcock, Martin Walker
MusicChris Jojo
Sound EffectsChris Jojo
Executive ProducerPaul Hibbard-Teall
Produced byJames Tripp, Trevor Bent
Project ManagerJonathon Wild
ContinuityLorraine Starr
Creations QA ManagerPaul Lee
Level DesignTrevor Bent, Paul Lee, Tony McColgan
Lead TesterColin Stone
TestersGraeme Ankers, Jon Brown, Ajay Dadlani, Simon Hundleby, Tony McColgan
Additional Audio ScratchesDJ Daz Green
Zombie VocalsJanet James, Chris Jojo

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