Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

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Nintendo 64 version

Title Screen.
Main Menu.
Choosing your character (not that you have much choice at the beginning, but...)
The Necronomicon is closed, the game will commence.
Some strange ritual is going on, performed by no one less than The Death!
The ritual brings Dracula to life once again.
Here's our hero, desperate for seeing his home village in flames...
The story unfolds...
This game's happenings take place 8 years before the previous Castlevania title on N64.
Here we go, Cornell...
Your quest is about to start, Cornell approaches a ship.
Finally, the game! Your first stage is Foggy Lake.
Cornell using his supernatural powers!
The white jewels are save points.
Cornell hanging on a ledge... watch out for the ghost!
Ingame options screen.
Cornell in his wolf form, beheading a skeleton.
Ouch, he wasn't expecting that!
And here's your first boss...
Come here nice doggy...
Die you overfeed snake!
Stage two, Forest of Silence. Cornell is getting back to his human form.
Oh no, not those hunchbacks again!
Hey, I know this guy... he'll be our first enemy 8 years after!
Game Over.