Clay Fighter 63 1/3 Credits (Nintendo 64)

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Clay Fighter 63 1/3 Credits


Division DirectorAlan Pavlish
ProducerJeremy Airey
DirectorJeremy Airey
Line ProducerBrian McInerny
Nintendo 64 ProgrammingEric Hart, Didier Malenfant
Technical AssistanceDarryl Dion Hawkins, John Price
Senior DesignerRodney N. Relosa
Character DesignInterplay, Danger Productions
Character ScriptingJeremy Airey, Rodney N. Relosa, Kirk Tome, Brian McInerny
DesignJeremy Airey, Rodney N. Relosa, Brian McInerny, Kirk Tome, Eric Hart
Original MusicRichard Band, Rick Jackson
Music ConversionRick Jackson
Music SupervisionBrian Luzietti
Vo Supervision And DirectionChris Borders
Audio MasteringCraig Duman
Vo EditingSergio A. Bustamante II, Douglas Rappaport, Ronald Valdez, Chris Borders
Technical Audio AdvisorCharles Deenen
AnnouncerMichael Buffer
Voice ActorsRob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, Charles Adler, Dan Castellaneta, Jim Cummings, Tress MacNeille, Frank Welker, Jeff Glenn Bennett
Vo Recording EngineerJulian Cook
Vo Recorded atMarc Graue Studio
Sound EffectsWavegroup Sound Design, Interplay Audio Department
3D Backgrounds & TexturesSaffire
Manual WritersJeremy Airey, Rodney N. Relosa, Brian McInerny
Manual Design And LayoutCraig Owens
Marketing DirectorKaren Schohan
Marketing ManagerMonica Guerra
Production ManagerGenevieve Waldman
Director Of Quality AssuranceChad Allison
Assistant Director Of Quality AssuranceColin Totman
Quality Assurance Console TechSteve Cabiness
Lead TesterJames Dunn
TestersSean Johnson, Charlie Gale, Douglas Finch, Kaycee Vardeman, James Harrison, Richard Avalos, Donnie Cornwell, Christopher Jones, Robert Nichols
Technical SupportHilleri Abel, Matthew Byrne, Mark Linn, Rafael López, Rick Sanford, Paul Dew, Alton Tuttle, Rusty Treadway, Brian Quilter, Brennan Easlick, Tom Gardner, Gunnar Christensen, Jennifer Purcaro

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (191708) and Jeanne (76644)