Conker's Bad Fur Day Credits (Nintendo 64)

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Conker's Bad Fur Day Credits


Project LeaderChris Seavor
Game DesignChris Seavor
Gameplay Software EngineerMark Betteridge
Music composed and performed byRobin Beanland
Lead ArtistDon Murphy
Character DesignDon Murphy
Technical Software EngineersChris Marlow, Tony Wong
Audio Software EngineerMichael Currington
Task and Camera Software EngineerShawn Pile
Visual Effects Software EngineerAndrew Davies
Multiplayer and Front End SoftwareRobert Harrison
Background and Layout ArtistsDavid Rose, Chris Seavor, Edward Sludden, Carl Tilley
Cutscene ArtistsAndrew Betts, Declan Doyle, Aisling Duddy, Louise O'Connor
3‑D AnimatorsDeclan Doyle, Aisling Duddy, Louise O'Connor
Sound DesignRobin Beanland
Sound RecordingRobin Beanland
Additional Game DesignMark Betteridge, Gregg Mayles, Don Murphy, David Rose, Tim Stamper
Additional GraphicsAndrew Betts, Don Murphy, Chris Seavor
Additional Tasking SoftwareMichael Currington, Chris Marlow, Tony Wong
Cutscene ScreenplayRobin Beanland, Chris Seavor
Character VoicesChris Seavor (as Conker/Birdy/Gargoyle/Batula/Panther King/Beetles/Wasps/King Bee/Franky/Ron/Reg/Boss/Professor/Ugas/Bugga/Rock Creatures/Male Villagers/Monk/Squirrel Army/Weasels/Rodent/Carl/Quentin/Imps/Sarge/Tediz/Male Boxes/Mr Barrel), Louise O'Connor (as Berrie/Queen Bee/Jugga/Rock Solid Creatures/The Female Cogs/The Sunflower/Catfish/Female Villagers/Puppet Girl/Cow/Female Box)
Rare SupportPete Cox, Doug Crouch, Simon Farmer, Mark Green, Leigh Loveday, Paul Mikell, Andrew Wilson
Quality AssuranceRoss Bullimore, Matthew Carter, Justin Cook, Richard Cousins, Andrew Kimberley, Luke Munton, Dale Murchie, David Parkinson, Gary Phelps, Gavin Price, John Silke, Roger Smith, Gareth Stevenson, Huw Ward, David Wong
NOA Thanks ToTim Casey, Mike Fukuda, Don James, Michael Kelbaugh, Ken Lobb, Gail Tilden,  Treehouse
NCL Thanks ToMasashi Goto, Keisuke Terasaki
NOE Thanks ToY. Edasawa, Hiroyuki Uesugi
Special Thanks ToHiroshi Yamauchi
Additional ThanksMinoru Arakawa, Ben Cullum, Joel Hochberg, Chris Stamper,  Wombat, Hiroyuki Yamada

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