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Nintendo 64 version

Wizpig, the villain of the scene, chases after Diddy in the intro
The title screen
The initial eight - Krunch, Diddy, Bumper, Banjo, Conker, Tiptup, Pipsy, and Timber
Taj is the genie of the island, and can transform your car into other vehicles
Keys like these, when collected, unlock special T.T. Challenges
Completing a race in first place earns you a Gold Balloon
Fire Mountain is a capture the flag-type game, the first to hatch three eggs wins
Preparing to race on the starting line...
Bananas gradually increase your max speed and acceleration
Diddy Kong Racing features nice lighting effects such as this tunnel
Let go of A as you use a boost, and you'll get a more powerful boost!
T.T. can display your game status, as well as enable Time Trial mode
Earning a Wizpig amulet piece slowly brings the head to life
Krunch spies Sherbet Island and the mysterious lighthouse
The plane can barrel roll and loop-the-loop!
Taj Challenges require you to beat Taj in the overworld by following these flags
Pressing A at the starting line at the right time will result in a helpful boost
Driving through the dinosaur skull reveals a turbo boost!
This shield will protect you from enemy attacks for a short while
The plane can also use ground turbos if you hug the ground
These special circles are turbos for the plane only
The loop-the-loop in Walrus Cove loops the upper track
The tunnel here is cheerfully lit
Driving on the loop-the-loop will automatically boost you through it
Hot Top Volcano is full of dangerous lava
The dinosaur here moves and can block your path
Steam occasionally rises from the lava as you fly through
With all races in this world completed, the boss doors open for the first challenge
Tricky, like all bosses, cheats and takes the lead from the start
Having beaten him, Tricky explains the rules of the Silver Coin Challenge

Official Screenshots

  • Diddy Kong Racing Screenshot
    Official Website, December 1997
  • Diddy Kong Racing Screenshot
    Official Website, December 1997
  • Diddy Kong Racing Screenshot
    Official Website, December 1997