DOOM 64 Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

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Nintendo 64 version

From the intro
Title screen
The start of the game
Shotgunning zombies in a hallway
Doom 64 has some cool lighting effects that aren't in other versions of Doom. Not the blue glow cast on the bull demon.
This is not the recommended way to kill zombies.
A lost soul is no match for a chaingun.
With light amplification, you can actually see where you're going.
The chainsaw is now a double chainsaw. Here I'm showing it off to my imp buddy.
The super shotgun is very useful up close.
Funky lighting effects
Textured map view
The same spot in outlined map view
Get stimpack and shoot the demon's back
Close combat
Berserk fatality!
Making dead corpse is always fun
Nice teeth
3 demons to kill? No problem!
End level
Two zombies looking away? Time to double kill!
Too dark to comment
Crash in wall