Advertising Blurbs
    EA Sports' classic soccer series hits the N64 with the impact of a full-body check. Full 3-D action, superb graphics and world-class artificial intelligence leave the competition eating dirt. In this game you can compete in any of the five authentic regional leagues, or take on the world in international play. You can control up to eight teams through a season. In League play, each team faces every other team twice. There are 150 teams in all to choose from. The audio track has authentic crowd chants and commentary by top European announcers.

    One of its great options lets you determine the Match Type: Action exaggerates your teams abilities, Arcade makes all of the teams balanced, and in Simulation all of the teams reflect their real-life counterparts. You can also set the period length, weather conditions, stadium size and much more. If you're playing style is aggressive and you find your players getting ejected, you can even turn off the foul feature and the refs will leave you alone.

    During the game, you can even compare the two squads in several statistical categories: Score, Saves, Fouls, Shots on Goal, Corner Kicks, and time of possession (Attacking, in Midfield, and Defending). Also, you can pick one of eight camera angles, and turn on Picture-in-Picture (PIP). You can even choose a different Camera for the PIP feature so you have two perspectives on the game at the same time. If you have a Controller Pak connected to one of your controllers, you can save your League, Tournament, and Playoff progress after the last completed game and continue at a later time.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Mar 07, 2006.