Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - N64 (UK):
    Goemon is back in his greatest adventure to date! The evil Bismaru has stolen a powerful Ghost Returning Machine and is threatening world domination. Join Goemon and friends in this incredible 3D rendition of those classic platform games of yesteryear. All the gang are here!! Control our eponymous hero along with Ebisimaru, Sasuke and Yae and do battle with Evil Ghosts, Samurai Demons and the weirdest Mecha Bosses, all realised with incredible 3D Graphics. This is the craziest Goemon adventure ever!

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4675) on Jun 01, 2007.

Back of Box (US):
    Goemon and all his friends are back in his greatest adventure yet!

    Goemon's Great Adventure combines classic Goemon platform action with an all-new twist. The evil time-travelling nun, Bismaru, has summoned Dochuki, a demon prince, to take over the Earth! But first, she wants to marry him!!! Can Goemon and his gang stop the demon? Can Dochuki escape the cloying clutches of the wacked out nun? Will Ebisu ever beat his own dumpling eating record? It's an adventure you'll never forget!

    • Multiple paths within each level.
    • 5 different areas with multiple stages in each area.
    • Sub-quests to unravel.
    • 4 different characters, each with unique abilities.
    • 2-player cooperative play.
    • 2-player Tag Team Super Robot battles.
    • New 2-player "piggy-back attack" - team up with a friend to take on the demon prince's minions.
    • Special skills like "Poison Mist" and "Solid Megaphone" - attack the enemies with Ebisu's tone-deaf singing!

    Contributed by Freeman (41639) on Jan 27, 2006.