Goemon's Great Adventure Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

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Nintendo 64 version

The title screen.
In other words, this machine can bring the dead back to life.
Ebisumaru wants Bismaru to revive his ancestor before he goes!
The title card before your game starts.
Attacking enemies will usually yield coins.
This horse attacks by turning around and using a massive kick
You can push this boulder into multiple enemies to destroy them.
You'll have to wait for these guys to fall so that you don't get hurt.
Night brings out bigger, tougher enemies...with more money!
These giant spider things only appear at night, and are very tough
You can buy food which acts as backup health when you die.
Checking out one of the side streets...
Goemon's house - note the Titanic parody poster!
The game is full of strange comments like these.
Sasuke informs the pair that the giant robot, Impact, is out of control!
You can switch characters at the teahouse - now we're playing as Sasuke.
Players are actually more powerful when they play co-op and piggyback.
Sasuke explores the town
As you collect more passes, more places open up on the map screen.
Sasuke can slice enemies in half with his weapon!
Some parts of the game have two different paths for you to take.
What game would be complete without a giant fire-breathing skeleton?
The fire-breathing giant skeleton is defeated!
Certain spots have a UFO that transports you to a teahouse, letting you switch characters.
Only Goemon's Chain Pipe can smash these star blocks.
You'll have to time your moves to dodge the boulders rolling towards the screen.
This block can be pushed over the spikes to make it across them.
This blue horse can shoot balls of energy!
You need to time your jumps on these platforms
Quite possibly the most disturbing Game Over screen ever.