Hydro Thunder Credits

Midway Home Entertainment

Hydro Thunder Arcade TeamSteven Ranck (Steve Ranck), Michael Starich, Scott L. Patterson (Scott Patterson), Lori Miller, Dusty Monk, Detmar Peterke, Eric David Browning (Eric Browning), Scott Goffman, Brian Silva, Dale Henderscheid, Gary Carbonell, Andrew E. Wilson (Andy Wilson), Orpheus Hanley, Brian Johnson
ProducerKevin Potter
Associate ProducerSean Wilson
Assistant ProducerEd Duran
Technical DirectorSam Calis
Additional Track DesignJohn Stookey, Steve Kramer
Print Design & ProductionMidway Creative Services - San Diego
Testing ManagersRobert Sablan (Rob Sablan), Hans Lo
Testing SupervisorSheila Julaton
Lead Product AnalystJeffrey Lamug Tamayo (Jeff Tamayo)
Product AnalystsDonny Hamilton (Donald Hamilton), Shawn Charron, Seher Basak, Ricky M. Waibel (Rick Waibel), Ryan A. Castiglia (Ryan Castiglia), Greg Rosario Jr. (Greg Rosario)
Technical Standard AnalystAjamu Shaw
Special ThanksDeborah K. Fulton (Deborah Fulton), Ira Kalina, Hugh Binns, Nancy Ramsey

Eurocom Entertainment Software

Lead ProgrammingPaul Bates
Lead ArtistColin Garrat
Additional ArtChris Boyle, Adrian Mannion, Paul Robinson
Additional ProgrammingTim Rogers, David Long (Dave Long)
AudioNeil Baldwin (Neil Baldin), Guy Cockcroft
Quality Assurance LeadAndrew Collins (Andy Collins)
Quality AssuranceJohn Baker, Phil Bennett, Adam Timmins, Andrew Walkner
Quality Assurance ManagerMichael Botham (Mike Botham)
DirectorHugh Binns
Special ThanksSteven Ranck (Steve Ranck), Scott Goffman, Ed Duran

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (63674)