Indy Racing 2000 Credits (Nintendo 64)

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Indy Racing 2000 Credits


ProducerSteve Lotspeich
Technical DirectorMark Beardsley
Art DirectorHobie Johnson
Software EngineersJason West, Mike Petersen, Michael W. Capps
3‑D ArtistsMatt Leese, Lewis M. Walden III, Christine Smith, Scott Hansen
3‑D AnimatorsMatt Leese, Lewis M. Walden III, Christine Smith, Scott Hansen
Graphic DesignerWoody Smith
Audio SoftwareBrenden Tennant
Sound DesignJ. D. Smith
Technical SupportRichard A. Baker, Angus Henderson
Additional ContributionsMichelle Bagur, Mike Bienvenu, Howard Hanna, Kevin Long, Terry Michaels, Paul Rogers, Edwin Williamson
Special ThanksRandy Culver, John Morris (of Morris Racing), Chris Harrington (of Dynotech), Charlie Turner, Dave Gatchel, Gary Bandy
Music CompositionArtisan Music, Robert Daspit

GT Interactive

ProducerPeter Anthony Chiodo
Assistant ProducersPatrick McNeil, Heidi Wallman
Director of Test/QASteve Knopf
Test LeadPatrick McNeil
Associate Test LeadKeith Moran
TestersMike Snow, Tomasi Akimeta Jr., Paul Ashby, Scott Donaldson, Randy Jones, AJ Pardilla, Doug Price, Patrick Struhs, Joe Orr
VP of MarketingTony Kee
Director of SalesHeh-Kyu Sincock
Sr. Product ManagerChris Mollo
Creative DirectorVic Merritt
Art/Trafficking ManagerLiz Fierro
Sr. Graphic DesignerLesley Zinn Abarcar
LocalizationMark R. Carter
Senior Build EngineerPatrick Struhs
Documentation ManagerPeter Witcher

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159879) and J.D. Smith (139)