Written by  :  ThE oNe (178)
Written on  :  Oct 20, 2002
Platform  :  Nintendo 64

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Truly stepped into the world of N64

The Good

When Killer Instinct was released for the SNES, I wasn't impressed by it. I saw people talking about it, but I said to myself, Mortal Kombat will always be the best(while I was holding the MK box in my arms). Then I went to my friends house, where he had SNES with Killer Instinct and Rise of the Robots. He persuaded me to play one round of Killer Instinct with him. I eventually gave in, but still clutching my MK. I took the gamepad, and picked a weird looking dinosaur named Riptor. After one round I explained to my friend that I had to go home to do something. I went home, went to my game cabinet, and threw Mortal Kombat out the window, along with my MK3. I smashed my little money bank and went off to get my copy of Killer Instinct.

A few years later, KI Gold was introduced to the N64, and buy was it good!

The graphics were what truly amazed me. The texture and backdrops were amazing and fully interactive. Another great thing was the zooming effect. There wasn't a limit to where a player could go. If a player walked off the screen, it ould just zoom out to capture it. It was great.

Sound is as great as ever. Killer Instinct will always own the territory of music in games. The music is perfectly presented and is very good.

The combo system and playability was also excellent, and there were many more great thing about KI Gold.

The Bad

There were no flaws at all.

The Bottom Line

This game is another prize from Rare.

My Rating < 5 / 5 >