Knockout Kings 2000 Credits (Nintendo 64)

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Knockout Kings 2000 Credits

EA Sports

Design TeamTony Iuppa, Keith Orr, Rick Giolito
Executive ProducerRick Giolito
ProducerKeith Orr
Associate ProducersTony Iuppa, Erik Wahlberg
Assistant ProducersJeff Hasson, Alex DiRicco
Technical DirectorKen Zarifes
Soundtrack SupervisorRandy Eckhardt
MarketingKirk C. Scott, Glenn Chin
UK MarketingDan Holman, Eric Petersen
Lead TesterRonald Weaver
Assistant Lead TesterMichael Parker
TestersVictor Adams, Rhyen Lee, Gerald Loadholt, Alex W. Y. Wong
CQCBenjamin Crick, Shane Ferguson, Jacob Fernandez, Dave Knudson, Micah Pritchard
Audio CoordinationRob Hubbard
Dialog Recording and EditingMarc Farly, David Whittaker
In Game CommentaryAl Albert, Sean O'Grady, Jimmy Lennon Jr., Mills Lane, Michael Tomlinson, Paul Pape
Director of Athlete RelationsSandy Sandoval
Motion CaptureMatthew Wynne, Sean O'Grady, Erik Wahlberg, Lauro Chartrand, Raine Forbes
Special ThanksMuhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Jay Komas, Kristen Latimore, Bing Gordon, Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley, Ray Leonard, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, Todd Duboef, Bob Arum, Harlan Werner, Eric Treibatch

Original Music By

"In The Game"Performed by O, Produced by The Co-Stars, Written by The Co-Stars, Published by MCA Music Publishing/Years Ahead Publishing [BMI], MS802 Publishing [BMI], MOG1 Music Publishing [BMI] and Madd Jones Publishing [ASCAP], Used courtesy of Hollywood Records, MCA Music Publishing and The Co-Stars P 1999
"All‑N‑All"Performed by O, Produced by Bud'da for 'Bout Time Productions, Written by O and Bud'da, Published by MCA Music Publishing/Years Ahead Publishing and 'Bout Budda Music. Used courtesy of Hollywood Records, MCA Music Publishing and 'Bout Budda Music
"Rapid Fire"Performed by O, Rashad Coes (Producer for Nights Fiend Productions), Written by O and Rashad Coes, Published by MCA Music Publishing/Years Ahead Publishing and Bang N Blast/BMG Careers Music
"El Jaripeo"Alfredo Morales (Writer), Nydia Rojas (Performer), Carlos Cabral (Producer), Published by Cayman Music/Ferald Music 1999
"Pay The Piper"Written and Performed by NYT Owl & DJ U-Neek, Published by Stolen Soulz BMI, Keenu Songs EMI, V‑Mix Music, Appears courtesy of Kingpin Records/U-Neek Entertainment Inc. [P]: 1999
"Crazy Moon"By Alien Fashion Show, Written by Alien Fashion Show - Babsboys Music [BMI], Jim Wirt (Producer), Dave Kaplan (Producer)
"Slider"Simon Says (Writer and Performer), Published by The Says Music [BMI], Rob Cavallo (Producer), Mark Needham (Producer)
"Knockout"Written and Performed by Mix Master Mike, Michael Schwartz (Publisher)

Black Ops Entertainment

Development DirectorDavid J. Broadhurst
ProducerJohn Botti
Lead Game ProgrammerDavid J. Broadhurst
Senior Game ProgrammerHeather Barclay
Art DirectorQuinn Nguyen
Lead ArtistQuinn Nguyen
Lead AnimatorJason Greenberg
Game ProgrammersScott Bristow, Keith W. Thompson
Associate ProducerPaxton Lazar
2D/3D ArtistGarrett Nguyen
3D Art SupportMorgan Hastings, Chris Bowers
Storyboard ArtistMichelle Perone
Additional Art AssistanceNarry Kahng Cinelli, Osman Soykut
Additional DesignDavid J. Broadhurst, John Botti, Tommy Tallarico, Paxton Lazar
PresidentJohn Botti
CEOJohn Botti
V.P. Research and DevelopmentJose Villeta
Sound DesignTommy Tallarico Studios Inc., Joey Kuras
Special Thanks ToJames Gooding, Noah Tool, Mike Horelick, Phil Hoprasatsuk

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