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Total! (Germany) (Dec, 1999)
Obwohl der Schwierigkeitsgrad frei wählbar ist, dauern viele der Kämpfe kaum mehr als drei Runden. Etwas schwerer hätte es schon sein dürfen. Dieses kleine Manko können Profis unter euch aber zumindest im Karrieremodus etwas ausgleichen, indem ihr den selbst erstellten Mann nicht zu stark trainiert. Trotzdem bleibt festzustellen, dass die sehr gute Spielbarkeit von Box Champions 2000 dieses Spiel zu einem Referenztitel in seinem Genre macht.
Nintendojo (1999)
I like Knockout Kings 2000 a lot despite its flaws. I think most sports gamers out there should give this game a try and at least try to get over the learning curve by making a genuine effort to establish how to fully play the game via good defense and offense. What bugs me though is the small number of fighters in this N64 version. EA, wake up, N64 gamers money is just as good as PSX money, it's unfair that we have to resort to outdated or inferior product when compared to the PSX EA sports catalogue. It is for this reason that I don't strongly subscribe to your product line on the N64. In the end, there's some things that I would have liked to have seen added or implemented: taunting, a dedicated training mode with unique tasks, better play by play calling and more fighters. But I think that KK 2000 is great first step. Lets hope this franchise doesn't go A.W.O.L. like the NHL series has.
This is the first boxing game for the N64, and it won't be easy for any other pugilistic Pak to knock it from the top spot. Boxing fans will love the fact that KK2000 includes so many famous fighters from the past 30 years.
Video Games (Dec, 1999)
Mehr noch als in der PS-Version hat man hier den Eindruck, einen Arcade-Boxer vor sich zu haben. Während in der Preview-Version noch die Technik und eine geschickte Strategie nötig waren, lassen sich hier viele der Boxer mit einigen wenigen Schlagfolgen besiegen. Dabei spielt es leider oft keine Rolle, für welchen der Boxer ihr euch entschieden habt. Wer mit diesem Manko leben kann, findet in Box Champions 2000 ein kurzweiliges Box-Game, das auf dem N64 zwar konkurrenzlos ist, aber echten Simulations-freaks einfach zu wenig Tiefgang bietet.
So realistisch die Voreinstellungen such sind. wenn Du den Ring betrittst, kommt schlechte Laune auf. Auch der extrastarke Super Punch bringt da wenig: Erstens brauchst Du ziemlich lange, um Dein Punch-Meter ausreichend aufzuladen, zweitens bist Du äußerst anfällig für einen Konter, wenn Du den Schlag nicht ins Ziel bringst. Überhaupt, die Schläge! Das Repertoire ist riesig, doch wozu, wenn eine Handvoll zum Sieg reicht? Nicht ganz unproblematisch gibt sich auch die an und für sich simple Steuerung. Dadurch, dass Du mit A die Schlaghand und mit B die Führhand kontrollierst, kommst Du schnell ins Schleudern, wenn Du von einem Rechts- zu einem Linksausleger wechselst. Nichts auszusetzen gibt es am Sound mit der grölenden Menge und guter Musik, wohl aber an der Grafik. Zwar sind Figuren und Animationen absolut gelungen, aber diese Geschwindigkeitseinbrüche sind unverzeihlich.
Retroage (Jan 30, 2008)
Box Champions 2000 konkurencji zbyt dużej raczej nie ma, ponieważ na Nintendo 64 oprócz serii Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, nie znajdziemy innych gier o tematyce bokserskiej. W związku z tym aż się prosi o porównanie gier. Pod względem oprawy audiowizualnej Knockout Kings 2000 z konkurencją z pewnością równać się nie może, ale z pewnością niewątpliwym atutem przemawiającym za opisywaną grą jest niewygórowana cena. Jest to gra dość niszowa i skłaniająca się bardziej ku symulacji aniżeli chamskim bijatykom, dlatego miłośnicy realistycznego obijania facjaty powinni bezwzględnie zaopatrzyć się w tą grę. Inni pewnie przejdą obok Knockout Kings 2000 obojętnie. Uwaga: Gra nazywa się Knockout Kings 2000, natomiast w wersji PAL zarówno na cartridgu jak i na pudełku widnieje tytuł Box Champions 2000 (jest to jednak ta sama gra).
Taken on its own merits, Knockout Kings 2000 is a solid, if schizophrenic, entry into the category of boxing simulations. Until a few gameplay and technical kinks are worked out, this title is going to take second billing to Midway’s Ready 2 Rumble, but it’s by no means a glass-jawed rookie. From the standpoint of a sequel, the game has been refined, enhanced and tweaked, but it’s still not the perfect simulation most of us had hoped for. In all honesty, you’d do well to have a look at Knockout Kings 2000 if you’re a boxing enthusiast or even mildly interested in the sport, but this series still needs refinement if its going to be a real heavyweight contender.
Why not have individual ratings for left and right-handed punches such as hooks, uppercuts and so forth? There is no money involved with the fights either, and you can't keep fighting until you retire. Considering that 16-bit boxing games offered role-playing elements such as aging, accumulated wealth and more training options, Knockout Kings 2000 should be avoided at all costs for anyone looking for a definitive simulation or a rewarding single-player experience. Taken strictly as a two-player Arcade-style boxing game, however, Knockout Kings 2000 will surely entertain.
60 (Dec 22, 1999)
Bref, un jeu qui manque cruellement en qualité de gameplay. Les combats ne sont pas du tout amusants ni même techniques et les 3 modes de difficulté ne rendent pas la chose spécialement plus attrayante. Amateurs de boxe, rabattez vous illico sur Ready 2 Rumble qui n'a peut-être pas 25 joueurs de légende mais offre en tout cas une vraie partie de plaisir.
Game Critics (Nov 09, 1999)
My Ali-Frazier fight didn't turn out as I had hoped. I won the fight, but it was a hollow victory. KK2000 lacked damn near every-thing I saw in those legendary fights with the exception of the fighters themselves. The feel of vicious punches was missing, the characters moved too slowly, and none of the fighters distinguished themselves. Whatever was in the game to add realism was negated by the over-the-top arcade elements. The only true representative from the boxing world was Mills Lane (how sad is that?). KK2000 is an improvement over the original KK, which says more about the sheer mediocrity of KK than about any greatness of its sequel. KK2000 could have been a very good game, but everything starting from the graphics engine to the game mechanics is so bungled that it leaves KK2000 down for the count.
As soon as you turn the power on, Knockout Kings 2000 comes out fighting with beautiful characters, flowing moves, and a plethora of fighters to choose from. However, after about five minutes with the title players will realize it has all the staying power of Pee-Wee Herman and all the depth of a Paulie Shore movie. Very quickly players will realize the game requires a series of button mashing in order to beat opponents, and any cool combos that you might expect come only from pressing one of the C buttons to let it fly. While trying to maintain a sim-like front, the game delves into arcade action at bizarre points, like when a boxer manages to get enough hits in a row and then they can let loose with a super-mega punch. While the sheer number of boxers (25), ranging from Joe Frazier to Sugar-Ray Leonard, and the pretty graphics are nice, the game hardly qualifies as a fighting favorite.
The Video Game Critic (Dec 15, 2001)
The fighters look rediculous when sitting in their corners because there's no one else there! Where's their entourage?? The announcers sound terrific before the fight, but there's zero commentary during the actual fight, and that really stinks. Once the bout is over you can view replays of the best punches and knockdowns, which I really enjoyed. Some of the judges' decisions may leave you scratching your head, like the time I knocked down Larry Holmes but lost the bout just because he landed more punches! I hate it when that happens.