Written by  :  Darkflame (18)
Written on  :  Nov 23, 2003
Platform  :  Nintendo 64
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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A Masterpiece, that stands today still as the best single player expirence ever.

The Good

The N64 was made specificaly for two games: Zelda : Ocarina of Time. And Mario 64.

Sure, Nintendo intended other games, but these two games were designed in tandom with the console. The console, in particularly its controll pad, was designed for these games. And these games, of course, were designed for the console.

Ocarina of Time stands as an unbeaten masterpiece, every aspex of its gameplay is finely tuned to perfection. A perfect game is not a game that has no improvements possible, a perfect game is one that couldnt have been made better given the same resources and the same time. This is such a perfection.

I could list indivual elements that make this game so good, but then i would go on all day. The fact that this game is 10 years old and is still the benchmark used for this type of game says a lot. The only games that come close are its sequals, and even they fall short (due mainly to shorter length)

The Bad

Nothing. Ok then, one minor thing, the tradiational Zelda themetune wasnt included. But then, the music in the game is also superb, so thats not a problem.

The Bottom Line

The only games remotely like it are "LBA1 & 2" for the PC. And even they are completely different.

You can call it an RPG, but it isnt. Its Zelda. A blend of puzzles and sword fighting set in a lush world. Minigames that blend seamlessly with the world, spectacular boss's and an epic plot.