The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

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Nintendo 64 version

Title screen
Intro: Link's nightmare... Hmm... I wonder what this means
Link's fairy wakes him up
Ladder. Leaving your house
Fight against a plant early in the game
Kokiri's village, the game's first area
Living tree - the Deku tree
Ridiculous and rather dangerous wild life in Hyrule field
In the Market
Link meets princess Zelda
Link has a special attraction for chicks
Scary re-dead
Laser-shooting tower
Boss of the first dungeon
A very welcome prize!
A fairy with a terrible laugh grants Link some new powers
In Zora's Domain
Swimming in Hyrule lake
The turning point of the game
A lot of things changed in seven years...
Hey Epona
Planting all those seeds payed off
Four witches
In the death mountain
Fire dragon
In the ice cave
Dreaded Water temple
Fighting Dark Link who mirrors you actions
Creepy monster
With the lens of truth you can see many otherwise invisible things
It's easy to get lost in Haunted Wasteland
The mask shop
Hunting some Poes
Protection spell
Hyrule map
Equipment screen