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LEGO Software Demo Disc - Windows (US/UK):
    Speed through LEGO worlds in your own constructible LEGO car

    Construct your own LEGO car and driver, then race against five other challengers on 12 tracks based on LEGO SYSTEM play themes. Once you've mastered them all, go head-to-head against Rocket Racer in the ultimate racing challenge! Play to win in this pulse-pounding test of skills and wheels.

    Contributed by Katie Cadet (9000) on Mar 12, 2017. – Nintendo 64:
    Letting your imagination loose is one of the great joys of LEGO. Nothing beats the fun of building your own toys, which is one of the features in LEGO Media's fall-bound fantasy racing game. LEGO Racers lets you create your own race cars, and you don't even have to fake the sound of a high-revving engine!

    Developer High Voltage Software has done a did a marvelous job of integrating LEGO SYSTEM themes into the go-go world of video-game racing.

    From the cylindrical heads of the miniature drivers to the LEGO-like crash barriers, everything looks like it comes straight from that 10,000-piece dream set you asked for last birthday. In all there are five circuits comprising 12 LEGO SYSTEM tracks (plus backward versions), based on four of LEGO's coolest themes: Pirates, Castle, Space and Adventurers.

    Other modes include single race, two-player head-to-head race and time attack. The full course catalogue:

    Royal Knights Raceway
    Imperial Grand Prix
    Desert Adventure Dragway
    Magma Moon Marathon
    Dark Forest Dash
    Tribal Island Trail
    Amazon Adventure Alley
    Ice Planet Pathway
    Pirate Skull Pass
    Adventure Temple Trail
    Alien Rally Asteroid

    Players have complete control over the creation of their vehicles, and are even be able to piece together a custom driver to sit behind the wheel. Car and driver can then be taken for a test drive. If you don't like what you've built, continue working on your creation until you're ready to save it to a Controller Pak. It's easily the most versatile vehicle-edit feature since Penny Racers.

    Players must defeat a racing champion in each of the LEGO SYSTEM worlds, with the familiar faces including Alpha Dragonis, Sam Grant, Rob 'n' Hood and Captain Redbeard. Each champion has a unique personality and driving technique. We're guessing that Redbeard isn't programmed to be a defensive driver.

    Power-ups like turbo boosts, oil slicks and grappling hooks help ruin the day for rival drivers. If you can use these items to overcome the champion's home advantage, you'll be rewarded with pieces from the LEGO champ's ride. By the time you finish all the circuits, your car will be sparkling with new pieces stolen from the competition. That's high-stakes racing!

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Aug 16, 2005.