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Madden Football 64 (Nintendo 64)

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Madden Football 64 Credits

Electronic Arts

Strategy and Play DesignJohn Madden
Executive ProducerScott Orr
ProducerSteve Sims
Line ProducerTed Fitzgerald
Assistant ProducerBrian Jackson
Game DesignRob Jones, Ted Fitzgerald
AI DesignRandy Beverly
Additional DesignBrian Jackson, Steve Sims
Player Rosters/RatingsJake Neri, Barry Dorf
Audio DirectorDavid Whittaker
Sound EffectsKen Felton
Motion CaptureTestarossa
Motion Capture TalentAndre Ware
Play‑by‑PlayPat Summerall
Guest RefereeRed Cashion
Music ScoreMichael Pendowski
Players CommitteeKevin Gogan, Merton Hanks, Lincoln Kennedy, Chester McGlockton, Barry Sanders, Lee Woodall, Kevin Mitchell
Player RelationsSandy Sandoval
Testing SupervisorJames Bailey
TestingJake Neri, Steven Jones, Richard Beresh, James R. Bailey, David Jimenez, Vu Thai Dang, Clyde Jones, Scott Slaby, Robert Aguirre, Anthony Randolph, Kevin Roach, Brian Winslow, Doug Doine, Barry Dorf
Product ManagerH. Erik Whiteford
Public RelationsShelley Eckenroth, Charles Scibetta
DocumentationJason Armatta
Documentation LayoutMarco Garcia
Package Art DirectionNancy Waisanen
Package DesignMarco Garcia
Package PhotographyHenrik Kam
Quality AssuranceAndy Young (The K.E.G.), Jeff Juco (Flash 80), Marco Rhodes (4-3 D)
Very Special ThanksGoal Line Productions
Special ThanksJoe Madden, Michael Madden, Maria Bahamondes, Matt McKnight, Marc Farley, Glenn Chin, Anthony Crouts, Kirk C. Scott, Ruth Kennedy, James Kennedy, Siobhan Grady, Sue Garfield, LaShun Lawson, Doug Ramsay, Sandy Montag, Ric Neil, Johnny Lynn, George Stewart, Phil Carter, Mike Newsome, Carrie Fisher, Clay Walker, Jill Winters, Jermaine Dupri, Phil Carter, Murray Allen, Pam Seawell, Bobby Lee, Jay Manahan, Jack Manahan, Morris Bradshaw, Derek Boyko, Richard Stewart, Pete Carroll, Greg Robinson, Emmitt Thomas, Jeff Robinson, Ollie Ongpen (V-Poly), Ernest Adams, Jerry Newton, Eric Kornblum, James Brown, Electronics Arts Canada, San Jose State University, University of California at Berkeley
Executive in Charge of ProductionScott Orr


Lead ProgrammerJason G. Andersen
ProgrammersJames Brookes, Michael Weilbacher, Dave Swanson, Richard J. Wifall
Additional ProgrammingIan Schmidt, Matt Reilly, Jide Omisore, Stephen Theodore Chiang
Lead ArtistSteven Waller
Artists/CinematicsJoe Vance, Don Barnes, Diana Salles, Christian Holmes
Stadiums/CinematicsSergio Vanelli, Eric Remboldt
Animators/ArtistsMichael Park, Eric Kohler
ArtistsJim Spoto, Lenny Williams
Interface DesignGordon Chen, Holly Ruark-Mesick
Additional ArtDonnie Worley
AudioDarryl S. Duncan
Development AssistantDale Jackson
Executive Development DirectorJohn Schappert

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (132109) and formercontrib (159300)