Mario Golf Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

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Nintendo 64 version

The Transmit Menu will appear before the game starts if your Transfer Pak is in the system
The introduction shows some of the available characters
Title Screen
Main Menu ('Transmit' becomes 'Continue' if you don't use the Transfer Pak)
Playable characters - there aren't many initially, you need to earn them!
Different play modes, such as stroke, tournament, ring shot, mini-golf and more
A fly-by of the first course, nice and easy
One of the Game Boy characters ready to tee off
This is versus Yoshi - if you beat him, he becomes a selectable character
You can check your view ahead by using the R Button
The game praises you for getting on the green quickly
Hole 2 - much shorter this time
All participating characters shout out "Nice Shot!" when you get one!
Watch out for the sand traps!
The score card shows how many matches you need to win
Mario Golf simulates all aspects of golf rather well, including miserable weather
DK playing Ring Shot - it's tough because you have to hit the ball all over the place!
The Shy Guy Desert is tricky, and full of waste area and sand
Peach is preparing to use a super strong Power Shot - these are limited!
If you don't pay attention to the wind, your ball could end up anywhere
Peach is disappointed with her result
Tournament results - there are some familiar names here!
Luigi's Mini-Golf levels are shaped like numbers
This second hole requires a lot of bouncing off walls
Baby Mario needs to be careful, this level has inclines, too
So close to the hole!
Plum is one of the characters introduced specifically for Mario Golf
Because Plum got a Nice Shot, she doesn't lose a power shot
Luigi has a practice hit on the Driving Range
Charlie, another Mario Golf-specific character, preparing to hit