Mario Party (Nintendo 64)

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The best of the Mario Party series Dark Lord (46) 4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars

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AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.7
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Overall User Score (45 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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GamePro (US)
Mario Party is fun, even if you're playing alone. But like any good party, it's definitely better to play with a group of friends--you can cheer 'em on, cap on 'em, or try to jinx 'em. This game's a blast, no matter how you play it.
Power Unlimited
Mario Party mag dan wel bestemd zijn voor de wat jongere gamers, dat wil nog niet zeggen dat ook het oudere volk er geen plezier mee zou kunnen hebben. Ik heb me in ieder geval bijzonder goed vermaakt met deze eigenlijk wel unieke game.
The Video Game Critic
Mario Party is most fun with four players, but if you only have two or three, the computer can control the other characters. The one-player mode is pretty lame in comparison. My friends enjoyed Mario Party, but some complained that it takes too long to play. Even on the quick setting, a game can easily exceed an hour and a half. If you have the attention span however, Mario Party delivers some terrific multi-player mayhem.
Consoles Plus
Sorte de jeu de l'oie, Mario Party devrait plaire à ceux qui ne jurent que par le plombier italien. Du délire plein les pixels !
Für Spiele mit Freunden wird dieses Spiel nie langweilig. Weil es immer anders ausgeht und man nie irgendwas planen kann. Planen schon, aber ob das klappt hängt von so vielen Aspekten ab. Und irgendwas geht immer schief. Also Leute. Auch allein ist dieses Spiel dicke eine Empfehlung wert. Mit Freunden ist dieses Spiel ein Muß. So viel Spaß hat man selten mit einem Multiplayerspiel.
Concluyendo ya el análisis, decir que es un juego recomendable para jugar en familia ya que para eso fue diseñado. Entrando en materia técnica, decir que podía haber dado más de sí en gráficos, aunque cumplen perfectamente. Recomendable para fans de Mario o de Nintendo.
Total! (Germany)
Insgesamt ist aus dem ersten gemeinsamen Projekt von Nintendo und Hudson Soft ein höchst vergnügliches Spiel geworden, das so manche Brettspiele in die Schränke weisen wird. Gerade zu viert ist Mario Party der beste Zeitvertreib und lädt immer wieder zu einer geselligen und unterhaltsamen Runde ein.
Officiel Nintendo Magazine
Techniquement parfait, Mario Party reste un jeu de plateau, réservé aux jeunes joueurs et aux parties à plusieurs.
מאריו פארטי מצליח לשלב, בטבעיות גמורה, משחק לוח עם משחק וידאו. האירוניה הגדולה של משחק המסיבה האולטימטיבי הזה, היא, שלמרות החיצוניות החמודה וקהל המטררה הצעיר, אין ספק בכלל ששחקנים מבוגרים יותר יתמכרו למשחק וייהנו ממנו. ובינינו, נינטנדו יודעת את זה טוב מאוד...
Nintendo Land
Add to that graphics that are pleasingly colourful and overall none too shabby (although the polygon models do look a tiny bit rough), plus decent enough sounds that consist of amusing voice samples and some nice tunes (including some great mambos and remixes of the SMB cave level music), and you've got the zest of Mario Party. It's a gimmicky kind of affair, and only shows it's true merits on 4-player occasions, but it does really shine in those moments. Some of the better mini-games will have you coming back for a few goes from time to time without being truly compulsively addictive all the same. Mario Party can't really be recommended over a much more satisfying RPG or platform adventure, but it does it's thing well and deserves kudos for it's inventive design. In typical Nintendo fashion, this is a novelty in videogaming history; the world's first non-rubbish video board game.
Mega Fun
Manchmal fragt man sich als Tester, wie es überhaupt zu Stande kommt, dass man ein Spiel gerne zockt. Mario Party gehört ganz klar zu diesen Kandidaten. Fest steht: An der soliden, aber wenig mitreißenden Technik kann es nicht liegen, so bleibt nur das Gameplay. Und in diesem Punkt hat Hudson wieder Genialität bewiesen. Simples Spielprinzip gepaart mit Zufallselementen und einfacher Steuerung machen Mario Party zum Hit. Leider fällt der Einspieler-Modus im Vergleich zur Multi-Player-Variante etwas ab, was die Gold-Game-Auszeichnung verhindert. Wer allerdings einige Freunde regelmäßig um sein N64 scharen kann, sollte Mario Party unbedingt in seine Sammlung aufnehmen, denn das Spiel macht seinem Namen wirklich alle Ehre.
Mario Party is a lot of fun if you have friends to play it with. If you don't, it's really not much fun at all. A party game's fun depends on interaction and competitiveness between players, and Mario Party brings out a lot of both qualities, resulting in a simple game which will entertain most gamers and never get old.
Mario Party è il primo episodio di una serie destinata a durare negli anni e che ha raggiunto per ora 10 incarnazioni (di cui 4 solo su GameCube, una su GBA, una su Nintendo DS e una su Wii), in grado di divertire a lungo gli amanti delle feste a base di videogiochi più o meno "leggeri" per il multiplayer. Personalmente ritengo il primo episodio per N64 azzeccato, longevo e divertente; ma se già nella mia valutazione non lo ritengo meritevole di più di un 8, a chi lo prenderebbe per giocare in singolo dico di valutarlo come un gioco da 6: dopotutto, a Monopoli non si gioca certo da soli...
Nintendo Power Magazine
Granted, Mario Party seems young, but the variety of play, particularly as a multiplayer game, makes it suitable for all ages and skill levels. As a one-player game, waiting around for computer-controlled characters to move can make the party seem tedious. Like any party, it's fun only when a lot of people are involved.
Mario Party is a great addition to any N64 gamer's library, and while the board game can be slow paced at times, those of you who are impatient can just buy all of the mini games and play them there. Pick up this game if you often have friends over.
Had the overall speed of gameplay been faster (especially when playing against computer players), Mario Party would have scored higher in our final review score. Still, this is probably one of the best "virtual board games" I have ever played and the inclusion of the many mini-games makes this one of the few ones that couldn't have been done better outside of a game console.
On the negative side, some of the minigames aren't very fun to play in the multiplayer mode because of control or perspective problems, or because they're just plain boring - but that's to be expected with the sheer number of games. Meanwhile, the games that are enjoyable to play in multiplayer are nowhere near as good in the single-player mode. Really, it's that multiplayer competitive spark of screaming at and/or cheering for your friends that injects life into these often-simple little games, and without it, they're just simple little games. The single-player mode seems thrown in the way multiplayer modes seem thrown in most other games. Mario Party is intended to be played with a group of friends, and for those people who can really take advantage of that, this game is a must-buy. The less-social gamer might want to rent.
Podsumowując gra doskonała dla większej ilości osób (polecam przynajmniej 3 osoby), dla jednego gracza gra wydaje się niestety nieco monotonna i powolna, w towarzystwie czas jednak mija o wiele przyjemniej. Całkiem dobrą ocenę psuje niestety kilka rażących błędów wynikających z deficytu pieniążków i kilku słabszych mini-gier (na szczęście błędy poprawiono w kolejnych grach z tej serii). Na pewno nikt nie będzie żałował zakupu tej, ani którejś z kolejnych części trylogii Mario Party, bo dostarczają one mnóstwo zabawy. Gra jest naprawdę warta swojej ceny.
Amère déception pour cet épisode des aventures de Mario qui ne fera pas date. Si vous n'êtes pas un irréductible de Mario qui a sa chambre remplie de poster de Nintendo, vous serez sûrement déçus par Mario Party. Sinon, vous trouverez peut-être à ce jeu quelques qualités (la variété des jeux disponibles)... Quoiqu'il en soit, gardez des sous pour les prochains hits de la N64, celui-ci n'en est pas vraiment un ! :-)
Cincinnati Enquirer
Unfortunately, Mario Party suffers from the same problems inherent with its cardboard cousins. Unless you have four people playing, its not much of a game. Playing by yourself requires you to sit through the painfully slow moves of each of your computer opponents. It’s not uncommon to wait five minutes before you can make your next move. Unless patience is your strong suit, you’ll want to break out Mario Party only when your friends are over. But if you often share the sofa with three of your pals, you’ll find a lot to like about Mario Party. Its unique slant on the classic board game formula makes for a fun night with the gang.
All Game Guide
Mario Party is a great idea, but the simplistic nature of gameplay coupled with extremely short mini-games will leave most players feeling unsatisfied. After all the confetti is swept up, a lot of people will be going home unhappy.
Spel för Alla
Mario Party är ett skojigt spel med massor av världar och möjligheter, men som blir lite rörigt ibland. Det tar ett tag att lära sig det här spelet, där upp till fyra personer kan spela samtidigt. I över femtio olika minispel tävlar du med din favoritfigur mot de andra.