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    Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and even rascally Pete are racing to rescue Pluto!

    Three rotten Weasels have sunk to a new low, dognapping Pluto and taking him for a fur-raising joyride across America. Alas for the Weasels, Mickey phones up his pals for help. Quicker than you can say "pedal to the metal," each and every one -- Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, even rascally Pete -- jump in their go-karts for a full-throttle chase from sea to shining sea.

    Mickey and friends race through 16 great-looking tracks, five hidden tracks ands four unique battle arenas. Since it's from Rare, you can expect the same needle-sharp play control of Diddy Kong Racing. Mickey's Speedway USA combines rich, subtle textures and a blistering frame rate in one gorgeous package.

    In the one-player adventure more, Mickey's Speedway USA has four circuits. Traffic Troubles opens with the wide turns of Indianapolis, but finishes with a frenzied cliff-top rush through the Grand Canyon. Ice and snow snarl your progress in Motor Way Mania's Alaska track. Highlights of the Freewayphobia circuit include underground jaunts through New York, Seattle and Chicago. Do well and you'll open the Victory Vehicles circuit, in which you can dash through the White House and over Malibu's sand-swept boardwalk.

    Find four car parts scattered about the tracks to open Franctic Finale, a brutal circuit that whooshs through Hawaii, Oregon, Texas and snowy slopes in Colorado.

    Power-ups include remote-control cars and planes that home in on leaders, slippery goo you can leave on the track and cloud that rains on a rival. Clever artificial intelligence gives trailing drivers more powerful power-ups.

    As many as four friends can duke it out in Contest mode. The last driver to take three whacks from rivals' power-ups wins, so defense driving is a key here. Lurk among the hedges of the White House lawn, put the pedal to the metal in the canyonlands Arena, ramp up your speed in the Dockyard and zip from deck to dance floor on the Steamboat.

    Kudos for the great use of sound, especially the nonstop chatter. The drivers heckle, gripe, boast and specifically address each other.

    In Mickey's Speedway USA, a friend with speed is a friend indeed.

    Mickey's Speedway USA has been rated E (Everyone) by the independent Entertainment Software Rating Board with the content descriptor of Comic Mischief. Games rated "E" are suitable for persons age six or older.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65759) on Jul 15, 2006.

Back of Box - Nintendo 64 (US):
    Buckle Up and Get Ready to Race!

    Rally across America with Mickey and friends! Race around 20 All-American courses-from Alaska to the Everglades-as you try to track down the Weasels and rescue poor dognapped Pluto. Use Ludwig Von Drake's wacky weapons-such as the "Antigrav-o-Kit Magno Flyer" or the "Stormy Weather Whenever Engager"-to give you the edge. Then blast past your friends, and listen as the drivers taunt each other using Disney's original character voices!

  • Mickey Mouse in his own kart-racing game! It's kooky kart action, complete with crazy courses, wacky weapons-and Mickey Mouse!
  • All your favorite Disney characters! Play as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy or Pete-plus discover additional hidden characters.
  • Madcap multiplayer modes! Up to 4 players can race on 20 different courses or compete in 4 different Battle Mode arenas.

    Contributed by Ben K (23940) on Jul 11, 2006.