Micro Machines 64 Turbo Credits

N64 Development Team (Codemasters Software Company Ltd.)

ProducersStewart Regan, Kurt Banks
ProgrammersFrank Arnot, Grant Clarke, Douglas E. Smith, Andrew West
ArtistsPatrick McGovern, Paul Reeves

Game Design and Prototyping Department

Game Design ManagerDavid Osbourn
Design RepresentativeAlex Darby

Music and Sound

Music and SoundTim Bartlett

Track Editing

Track DesignerGraham Ridby
Track EditorsGraham Ridby, Steven Powell, Patrick O'Luanaigh, Chris Southall, Iain Russell, Mo Toubella, William Darling

Q. A. Department

Q. A. ManagerChris Rowley
Q. A. Team LeaderKurt Banks
Q. A. TechniciansDean Baker, Eddy Di Luccio, Kalvarn Birk, Richard Healy

Print Design & Production

Print Design & ProductionAaron Miller, Kurt Banks

Special Thanks

Special ThanksGary Rowe

Midway Home Entertainment Team

ProducerBrian Lowe
Associate ProducerZach Wood
Assistant ProducerErwin Gasmin
Technical DirectorScott Maxwell
Test ManagerRobert Sablan
Lead TesterBishop 
TestersNico Bihary, Wes Graham, Brent Sprecher, Shakir Crawford, Todd Bailey, Chad Haley
Print Design & ProductionDebra Austin, Gary Gonzales, Andy Lycke, Jon Mongelluzzo, Chris Mowry, Erin Shems, Chris Vine, Dave Young
Special ThanksBrian Loke, Deborah K. Fulton, Justin Heber, Brian Casper, Shon J. Flannagan


Packaging and DesignLiz Darling, David Alcock, Aaron Miller

Original PSX Version Credits

Lead ProgrammerAndrew Graham
ProgrammersAndrew Tate, Lee Metcalfe, Mark Coombes
Lead ArtistToby Eglesfield
Vehicle ModellingRaymond Livings
ArtistsToby Eglesfield, Alex Cave, Peter Byard, Adam Norbury, Rachel Wood, Paul Gataaura, Derek Windsor, Mark Nesam, Pete Nesam

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Dave Young, 39 other games
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Scott Maxwell, 35 other games
Chris Vine, 31 other games
Liz Darling, 31 other games
Chris Mowry, 30 other games
Erin Shems, 30 other games
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Gary Rowe, 17 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by quizzley7 (21741) and リカルド・フィリペ (117139)