Mischief Makers Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

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Nintendo 64 version

The game's villains
The heroine, Marina Liteyears, and her creator, Prof Theo
Title Screen
Prof Theo has to wait for Marina to scout out Planet Clancer
The professor is ambushed and kidnapped!
The level select screen shows your best time rank and if you have the level's hidden gold gem
The Professor is being taken to the Emperor
Marina can pick up and shake enemies, objects, and items
This Clanbomb can be used to destroy certain blocks
After throwing the Clanbomb, all the red blocks are removed
This large star is the level's exit - smaller stars warp you to other areas in the level
Game transitions show headshots of various in-game characters
Marina confronts her poor-looking clone, Calina
You can shake innocent people to reveal gems
Marina can dash mid-air in four directions with the C Buttons
Marina's Dash acts like an extension to her jump
Marina can even dig for items in certain areas
All sorts of objects can be thrown, such as this flower
The end of level shows you your rank, current time, and previous best time
Marina can shake these balls or jump from them to other ones
This white ball reveals a hidden star warp
Certain balls are on springs, and can be pushed down for a super jump
Gems are scattered through the levels - red are currency, blue heal you
Marina can control this massive block monster by dashing
The block monster can break through obstacles with ease
Prof Theo tries to reason with his kidnapper
Marina can grab this boss' fists...
...and hurl them back into his face!
Marina is in the middle of a war, complete with bombs and mines!
There are some nice effects, such as the snow in this level
Where am I to throw him?
Ms. Hint
Many diamonds
Don't go here. I take you to your parents. Or throw somewhere, I don't now.