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Mission: Impossible Credits

Infogrames Core Team

Production DirectorArthur Houtman
Project LeaderBenoit Arribart
Art DirectionDominique Peyronnet
Script WritersHubert Chardot, Andy Abrams
Game DesignArthur Houtman, Hubert Chardot, Vannara Ty
Production AssistantErwan Kergall
Legal DepartmentMarie-Pierre Orfila

Engine Programming

Engine ProgrammingChristophe Cotte, Frederic Barbier, Hubert Nourrigat, Marc Regimbeau

Logic Programming

Logic ProgrammingLaurent Lafumas, Erwan Le Goffic, Bertrand Delpla, Stéphane Abrassart, Matthieu Imbert, Thomas Bouchon, Synthesis


AnimationSandrine Guiraud
3D ArtistsSylvain Blanchot, David Hego, Ivon Trevien, Franck Morel, Mike Gonzales, Rick Gonzales, Scott Stokes
2D ArtistsFrancis Malvesin, Josiane Girard


Test CoordinatorOlivier Raffard
Alpha TestingSylvain Branchu, Sébastien Mayorgas
Main Test TeamChristian Ampère, Johann Boeve, Jérôme Di Tullio, Sébastien Frappé, Jerome Guillard, Noël Kechichian, Anthony Maria

I-Novation Studio

ProductionEric Mottet, Olivier Goulay
MarketingMonique Crusot, Guillaume Rosier


LocalizationEmmanuelle Périgault-Vigier, Beate Reiter, Chrystele Briat, Christian Hesse, Béatrice Rodriguez

Very Special Thanks

Viacom Consumer ProductsJuliet Dutton, Harry Lang

Voice Recording

Voice RecordingWalter Burr


Mission Impossible Theme written byLalo Schifrin
Performed byMichael Pummell
ProducerRich Goldman
Produced byGoldman Productions

Special Thanks

Special ThanksRay Musci, Pierre Lebecq, Franck Drevon, Laurent Russo, Derek Whipple, Steve Okimoto, Mark DeLoura, Pascal Craponne, Olivier Robin, Stephane Biron, Philippe Raphaêl
and alsoMike Montaro, David Li, Paul Taylor, Dave Dixon, Shane Moura, Jonathan Casco, Marc Rogers, David Eader, Gerald Azenaro, Adrian Luddy, Bart McLaughlin, Brett McLaughlin, Perry Cucinotta

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Credits for this game were contributed by Arthur Houtman (44)