Mission: Impossible Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

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Nintendo 64 version

Hey hey, things are going to shake, so bring your rumble pak!
Intro cutscene: starring Jim Phelps.
Intro cutscene: starring Candice Parker.
Intro cutscene: starring Jack Kieffer.
Intro cutscene: starring Andrew Dowey.
Intro cutscene: starring Tom C... er, Ethan Hunt!
Title Screen.
Main menu.
Wonder if impossible is really impossible. If so, what's the point?
Here we go, mission one.
Mission one intro cutscene: beautiful day at the park, lets see what we've got here...
Mission one intro cutscene: see those middle-eastern guys? Guess who the bad guys are?
Mission briefing.
Choose your team.
Mission objectives.
You entering the stage.
Ingame menu screen.
Ok, go there and do as I say...
When aiming, your view will change to first person (cool, eh?)
Having a little discussion with that guy. At the bottom right corner you can see your best argument being used.
Yeah, and I'm Santa Claus...
You're dead.