Advertising Blurbs
    Grab the wheel in this arcade-style rally game and roar through twisting streets, coastside tunnels and snow-covered mountain passes. MRC gets the most from its three sprawling courses. Richly varied terrain, plenty of short cuts, nighttime racing and an option to close off stretches of track will challenge every Jeff Gordon wannabe!

    Excellent play control is probably the single most important feature of a good racing game. And MRC delivers it by the trunkful. Imagineer has engineered in precise, road-hugging control and wide-open speed.

    Lightning-fast screen redraws make lesser systems scream when running race games, but the N64's Reality Co-Processor never misses a beat. Popping is minimal, even with MRC's richly detailed texture maps. You can see individual stones in buildings and cows grazing on mountainsides. There's even an airplane coming in for a landing! MRC has plenty of other realistic touches, such as the clouds of dust you'll kick up on dirt roads and tail lights twinkling in fog.

    Pop the hood and craft your dream crusing machine, thanks to MRC's extensive and subtle customization features. You can change the tires, improve the gearing, fiddle with the handling and more.

    Race a buddy in MRC's Vs. mode, or rage against the machine in Championship or Match Race modes. In Championship mode, you'll race against seven other cars. If you beat two mystery cars in Match Races, you'll win the opportunity to drive them yourself. Time Trial mode gives you the run of a wide-open course.

    Easy-to-read dashboard info, Rumble Pak support and the ability to customize your car for different driving styles all add to MRC's long-run appeal.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65759) on Apr 30, 2007.