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Back of Box - N64 (US):
    With special new moves, additional ways to score, and room for up to 4 players simultaneously, this already habit-forming classic will have you absolutely addicted! Perform a Spin Move to place that hard-to-fit piece. Can't use the shape you're given? Use the Hold Piece instead. Form Multi- and Mono-Squares, then clear them to make your score soar! You can even dump Garbage on your friends as you compete in multi-player mode.
    • Up to 4 players can go head-to-head in the new multi-player mode.
    • Collect lines to build seven Wonders from around the world, each of which gives you a unique new environment and new music.
    • Three game modes to choose from: Marathon, Sprint, or Ultra.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4675) on Jun 08, 2007. – Nintendo 64:

    It's the most challenging Tetris ever!

    The Tetris you know and love just got a whole lot more competitive. Say goodbye to the peaceful puzzle game of the past, because now you can go head-to-head against three of your best friends in a heated competition. If you don't stick it to them, they'll stick it to you. Before you start dumping pieces, though, make sure you can take what you dish out.

    You clear lines by completely filling horizontal lines with puzzle pieces that drop from the top of the screen. You can rotate them and move them left or right to drop them in place. As the number of lines you have collected increases, pieces drop faster, so watch out! When your piece-pile stacks to the top of the screen, your career as a Tetris tycoon comes to an abrupt halt.

    One of the best things about The New Tetris is its multiplayer mode, which allows you to play with two, three or four players. You get to choose between Marathon, Ultra or Sprint game modes. In the Marathon mode, your goal is simply to survive longer than the other players. In the Sprint mode, each player has three minutes to collect as many lines as possible. In the Ultra mode, the first player to clear 150 lines is the victor.

    The main goal of The New Tetris is to clear as many lines as possible. The New Tetris Game Pak automatically records how many lines you collect each time you play, and places them in a bank. When you collect a particular number of lines, you are rewarded with one of the game's Seven Wonders. Each Wonder you achieve gives you a new background and new music. Go to the Wonders option on the Main Menu Screen to see how many more lines you need to earn the next Wonder. Keep collecting lines until you have achieved all seven!

    If you're a Tetris fan, The New Tetris will take your obsession to a whole new level!

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on May 15, 2005.

Press Release:
    THE NEW TETRIS’ FITS PERFECTLY ON NINTENDO® 64 New Game Play Modes And Features Put A Fresh Spin On The Classic Game

    REDMOND, Wash., July 29, 1999 - Be prepared to get addicted all over again. Nintendo's The New Tetris gives a facelift to the game that defined the puzzle genre and enthralled the world with its innovative game play.

    Players can now experience the classic Tetris® updated with new features and game play elements, plus a frantic four-player mode. The New Tetris will be available in stores on July 29 for a suggested retail price of $59.95.

    The newest twist to the all-time favorite is the ability to reconstruct the world's seven "Wonders." As players clear lines, they accumulate blocks that are used to build one of these fantastic "Wonders," allowing players to unlock new music and backgrounds. The New Tetris features seven unique game play environments such as Japan, Egypt, Greece, United Kingdom, Mayan civilization, Morocco and Russia.

    "The addition of the exciting game play features and the mayhem of the multi- player mode make The New Tetris a perfect fit in any N64 owner's collection," says Peter Main, Nintendo's executive vice president, sales and marketing. "Both long time fans and newcomers to this classic puzzler will be astonished by what Tetris is capable of in 64-bits."

    The game's multi-player option allows up to four players to compete against each other for some downright hectic Tetris action. Players are able to dump unfinished "Garbage" lines on to their opponents' stack and team up against a particular player in order to keep things interesting.

    For those who want to stick with classic single-player action, The New Tetris offers several different modes of play. In the "Marathon" game mode, the goal is simply to collect as many lines as possible, just like the original Tetris. If speed is what players are looking for, "Sprint" mode is where they have three minutes to collect as many lines as possible. "Ultra" mode challenges players to see how quickly they can clear 150 lines. In addition to these modes, The New Tetris has moves that can be executed in order to achieve higher scores and get out of tight situations. "Spin" moves allow players to fill in a gap blocked by another piece and award an extra line when completed. "Multi-Squares" and "Mono-Squares" can also be formed by different shapes to collect bonus lines, which add up to higher scores.

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    The independent Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rates The New Tetris "E" for "Everyone." For more information about the ESRB visit

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