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NFL QB Club 2001 (Nintendo 64)

NFL QB Club 2001 Nintendo 64 Title screen.


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I have to admit that this is the prettiest N64 football game. It has decent gameplay and commentators that are better than average. However, I must also admit that Madden 2001 features some unbelievable gameplay features. Depending upon the experience you crave you may want to check both games out first.
I have to wonder if this will be the last chapter in this series. The football-sim market is already crowded, and it doesn't seem like there's a need for a franchise that doesn't raise the bar. And this game, though competent, certainly does not push the envelope. I'd only give NFL Quarterback Club 2001 a look if John Madden's voice drives you into homicidal fits of rage.
The question is, how desperate are you for an N64 football game right now? Hopefully not at all because NFL QB Club 2001 will more than likely disappoint. Unless you are a hardcore fan of the Acclaim football series, then I'd suggest putting this title on your rent list instead of into your shopping cart. While it does make significant improvements to last year's game, that alone just doesn't make it a good football game overall. My advice to Acclaim would be to simply drop the QBC franchise altogether and focus on its more promising baseball and first-person shooter games. It looks like EA's Madden NFL 99 is still the reigning N64 champ, but be sure to look back for our full review of Madden NFL 2001 when it finally ships. Chances are, either title will bring you more pigskin for your buck.
Playing NFL QB Club for the Nintendo 64 is much like watching a preseason football game; the choppy, sloppy gameplay soon grates on your patience. To make matters worse, last year's frame rate woes still persist, especially for those lacking Expansion Paks. For fans of last year's version, this game still is as enjoyable as before, but other games out on the market are probably more worth pursuing.
Game Informer Magazine
After a rather solid debut on the Nintendo 64 a few years back, this franchise has consistently been trounced by the superior games from EA Sports. Again this season, there is no comparison. As much as I like football games, I could not find much to like about QBC. After Madden 2001, this game plays and looks pretty horrible. The players appear as though they are always juiced up on caffeine and jerk around the screen like wounded flies. Given that, the play is muddled with rather unresponsive control.
Game Informer Magazine
At first, I thought that this game might be a practical joke. Now I suspect that Acclaim made the N64 version of QBC so ugly that the awful DC port would look good by comparison. Like its brittle coverboy, Brett Favre, QBC is washed up, a mere shadow of what it once was. At least Favre can blame his descent into mediocrity on tendonitis.