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NHL Blades of Steel '99 (Nintendo 64)

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Consoles Plus
Bref, NHL Pro 99 semble être une nouvelle référence. Des graphismes un tantinet moyens tout de même sont à signaler, mais à part ça, tout va bien.
Total! (Germany)
NHL Pro 99 entfaltet erst auf dem Eis seine ganze Klasse. Die fehlenden Modi und die kantigen Polygonspieler sind noch vor der ersten Puck-Berührung vergessen, wenn man mit Hat und Haaren im Eishockey-Fieber ist. Die überzeugende Steuerung und die stimmungsvolle Präsentation lassen Konamis Titel nicht auf dem neuen und glatten Terrain straucheln, sondern er stellt sich neben NHL 99 und NHL Breakaway 99 erhobenen Hauptes auf der blauen Linie auf.
Consoles News
Même si les graphismes sont assez flous, l'action n'est jamais confuse, car sont assez lent. Et c'est bien là le problème, la lenteur. Le hockey est un sport basé sur la vitesse et la brutalité des actions, NHL Pro 99 ne satisfait aucun de ces deux critères. C'est bien dommage... Cette cartouche est donc à réserver aux inconditionnels de ce sport (vraiment en manque...).
Sports Gaming Network
Still, most players (especially those without a Playstation) will opt for that old fan favorite, NHL 99 (even if the N64 version pales beside its Playstation counterpart). If in appearance Blades resembles Gretzky and in camera angles Powerplay comes to mind, in the promise of innovation (and missed opportunities) there's a hint of National Hockey Night, the 16-bit forefather of the Faceoff series, which in its first two years on the Playstation outdid its EA rival before losing its edge in gameplay. For now, however, N64 owners will have to wait another year to see if anyone will develop the sort of hockey games for their system that helped make the Genesis and the Playstation the consoles of choice for most video hockey fans.
En raison de son arrivée tardive sur le marché et de ses petits travers, NHL Pro '99, ne remportera pas la coupe de la simulation de hockey la plus indispensable de l'année. Mais si vous recherchez à tout prix un nouveau jeu de sport, vous pouvez tomber sur pire...
Nintendo Power Magazine
Definitely a contender, NHL Blades of Steel '99 excels at providing a televised look and feel and in giving players lots of control. The line editing functions are some of the best in video hockey. Scoring seems too easy, but the game is fun and realistic.
As much as I tried to enjoy this game, I couldn't overlook its horrible gameplay mechanics and terrible player control. The game is just too slow and doesn't do the NHL, Jaromir Jagr, or the coolest sport on Earth justice. This will never be mistaken for a top tier hockey video game and in no way does it even compare to the leader in the genre of hockey video games, EA's NHL 99. However, if you're looking for a decent way to waste a few dollars and you're an absolute hockey junkie, then you may want to give Blades of Steel '99 a try. It's not a terribly bad game, it simply doesn't equal up to the competition's far superior offerings.
The Video Game Critic
I've seen some bad hockey games in my time, and Blades of Steel 99 is certainly one of them.