NHL Breakaway 99 Credits (Nintendo 64)

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NHL Breakaway 99 Credits

Iguana Entertainment

Project ManagersDouglas Yellin, Mark Pacini
Lead ProgrammerAltair S. Lane
Additional ProgrammingRob Nelson
ArtistsBradley Marques, Chad Townsend, José Cepeda, Mark Pacini
Original Game ProgrammingPeter Ward, Pat Alphonso, Christopher Braymen
Original Game DesignJ. David Elton, Chandler Holbrook, Douglas Yellin
MusicMark Ganus, Roy Wilkins, Dean Morrell, Rick Fox
Sound EffectsMark Ganus, Roy Wilkins, Dean Morrell, Rick Fox
Quality ControlGary Rowberry (Testing Manager), Ryan McBride (Testing Supervisor)
QA TestersTL Shelton, Tom Wahlin, Casey Bryson, Brady Holt, Jeff Byers, Brady Anderberg, Nezzar, Mike McBride, John Paulson, Jared Moroni Johnson, Dan Witt

Acclaim Entertainment

ProducerDouglas Yellin
QA ManagerCarol Caracciolo
QA SupervisorsDale Taylor, Jeff Rosa
Senior QA LeadsMike Patterson, James Craddock
Lead QA AnalystsEric Hendrickson, Brian Regan
QA Project LeadsRich Gomer, Matthew McEnerney
TestersPaul DiCarlo, Andy Basile, Jerry Bazigos, Derek Laor, Paul Johnson
TSG ManagerHarry Reimer
SupervisorsKevin Denehy, Andrew Fullaytor
Senior TechniciansDavid Pollick, John Zigmont
Turnover CoordinatorBrian Lauther
TechniciansAndy Skalka, Chris Frisone, Christopher Maher, Leigh Busch, Robert Coffey, Ulises Batalla
Special ThanksSteve Yzerman, Peter Chiarelli, Michael Jerchower, Sean Flynn, Jim Woodcock, Francois X. Seigneur, Pauline Hughes, Bob Jordan, Mike O'Donnell, Steve Schanwald, John Vidalin, Ron Bernstein, Jay Roberts, Rosa Gesualdo, Brette Sadler, Darren Moscovitch, Gail Martineau, Dick Mugel, James Perzik, Beth Brigino, Matt Williams, Craig Machen, Jim Hennessey, Brian Sheilds, Glenn Horine, Erika Foster, Catherine Mary O'Brien, Ted Saskin, Mike Ouellet, David Kleiman, The Tampa Bay Lightning, The St. Louis Blues, The Montreal Canadiens, The Edmonton Oilers, The Dallas Stars, The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, The Chicago Blackhawks, The Calgary Flames, The Colorado Avalanche, The Pittsburgh Penguins, The Toronto Maple Leafs, The Florida Panthers, The Vancouver Canucks, The Ottawa Senators, The Buffalo Sabres, The Los Angeles Kings, The San Jose Sharks, The Washington Capitals, The Phoenix Coyotes, The Nashville Predators

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65761)